About Us

Workout Solutions Health and Fitness Consultants was established in 1996 by George Tsanis, owner and operator. Workout Solutions’ mission is to help dedicated individuals reach their health and fitness goals in an effective, safe, healthy and fun manner. No more false promises. No more diet and training books that lead to more fat gains than fat loss. No more wasting time! Let Workout Solutions cut through all the confusing information on fat loss out there and provide you with a program that guarantees success. George’s honest approach to coaching will provide you with sound guidance towards achieving the body you always dreamed of having!


“Throughout my career I have helped hundreds of individuals from all walks of life achieve their best physical condition. Over the last 15 years, I have worked hard to establish myself as one of Canada’s top health and fitness authority on fat loss and sports performance. Having spent a great deal of time amassing information, searching the scientific and medical literature, observing and experimenting on others and myself, I provide a rare combination of real-life experience and academic expertise in the fields of performance enhancement and weight management. I wish you the best in health and fitness!”  

George Tsanis