Fitness Motivation Listen to Your Body and Change Your Exercise and Program Part 1


Fitness Motivation Listen to Your Body and Change Your Exercise and Program Part 1

Most people don’t “listen” to their body, and this can be detrimental to our health and fitness goals. Change is good, and variety is the spice of life. Being able to listen to your body and knowing when to change an exercise and program and being educated on exercise and program selection and variation can keep you motivated, energized, and keep progressing via “smart training”.
Many variables can dictate whether you should perform an exercise or even a workout. Stress, mood, injuries are at the top of the list, but not to far from these is doing the same exercises and program well past its expiry date.
At Workout Solutions we incorporate hundreds of exercises and can change the program daily according to energy levels, mood, external factors negatively affecting your body, strength, and endurance. Even exercise equipment that isn’t available for whatever reason will necessitate modifying the workout right now on the spot!

Doing the same exercises and “program” is counterproductive to long term fitness and health progress. At the minimum it can ruin your motivation to exercise at all, and many have giving up on exercise completely because they lack the knowledge to modify exercise and programs. At worst, doing the same exercises and program can cause injuries, and that will not only keep you out of the gym for future health and fitness promoting workouts, but will reverse progress you have previously made, making you less fit and healthy, not to mention all that TIME and EFFORT you put into your exercise program only to make yourself worse with an injury.

Changing exercises when you want is POWERFUL. Having the desire to exercise, workout, and create a better, stronger, more flexible and conditioned You is POWERFUL. Don’t let lack of knowledge in exercise variation and programming ruin your goals and progress.

I have to change the written program on a daily basis with my clients and myself. It is one of my biggest secrets to success of being a successful Coach and making continued progress in my own program. It begins with being able to listen to your body, and a Coach should be able to read and understand their clients and make the judgement call of what modifications if any need to be made today, or in the future.

Today I changed a scheduled exercise, that I did NOT want to do, with an exercise I haven’t done in a while and instantly was motivated to perform it. Instead of wasting time on an exercise I would have probably not made “progress” on, switched to Sled Push and not only did I have a fun workout, I also broke a previous weight record on the sled. I went from not motivated, grouchy, bad mood to inspired, energized, happy uplifting mood that I will carry with me through the day. Instead of doing things I don’t want to do or not in mood to do, I switch to other things I can do and want to do, and that to is POWERFUL.

I made this video to illustrate a real situation where my mood and body didn’t not want to do a squat workout on this Squat leg day. Had a did it I would have probably wasted my time because of lack of energy, motivation, effort, and even though some may say some exercise is better than no exercise, had I did a squat workout today it probably would not have been a workout that causes any “fitness progress”, BUT surely it would have made more demands on my recovery and energy stores, and still NO PROGRESS because I couldn’t work hard enough at an exercise my body doe not want to do today! At worst I would have caused an injury, and I would have no one to blame except myself for not listening to my body. DON’T BE THAT GUY! HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHANGES WHEN YOU WANT AND NECESSARY 😉

More in the future about listening to your body and exercise programming.

Coach George Tsanis

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