World Nutella Day Chocolate Swirl Cake

World Nutella Day Chocolate Swirl Cake Part Four Taste Test

Yes everyone and the Kids loved the Nutella chocolate cake, and although I would have rather seen them eat something better, their parents would have fed them garbage today like they do everyday, so in essence this was “probably “ the healthiest “food” they ate in a while, and yes I did have some and although it was the worst thing I put in my mouth in 6 months, I enjoyed it, and I used it to my benefit.

Carbing up can be destructive, for the most part it is “destructive” because most people, including “Coaches” have no clue “what” there doing or “why”. When carbing up, especially if it’s “junk” food like this, have a reason to, and make sure that somehow you can make yourself better by eating extra carbs, “carbing” up, and not making yourself worse .

One way not to make things worse is to cook / bake your own foods so you know how “bad” or “good” it is 😉

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