How to be A Youtuber Social Media Experiment

How to be A Youtuber Social Media Experiment

So hard to get views these days. Even people that follow me, people I know, for example my Mother, don’t get updates or notifications that I’ve published videos. Not uncommon to go days without a single view!

I don’t spend much time on social media unless I’m helping or enhancing my life. Wasting my life behind a screen in any shape or form isn’t part of my life, and never will be.

Social media marketers suggest I post more, engage more, follow people, comment, like, share. In other words, “create” time for social media and the net while not investing more time into things I love and matter. Sounds crazy this advice, almost sounds like giving up life just so you can have some elevated status online. NO THANKS!

In this experiment I will follow as many people as I can, just subscribing, nothing more. It won’t affect the way I use YouTube, Twitter, social media, the internet. I know why and how I use digital life to enhance my life, not steal my life. Let’s see if YouTube and twitter is like Instagram, the more people you follow the more people watch and follow you.

Stay offline people! Know why your online, find it and the get.


Coach George Tsanis

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