Ab Check 6 Pack Fit Over 40

Ab Check 6 Pack Fit Over 40. In the absolute best shape of my life. There is a difference between “looking” like the best shape of your life, and “BEING” in your best shape of your life. Looks is cosmetic, which means very little in terms of “health”, you can be fit but fat, just as you can look “fit” but be out of shape! More often than not people chase “looks” over real fitness and health.

Inspired to make and publish this video because the last few weeks many people close to me have commented that “maybe I’m getting too skinny”. Comments like these have zero impact on my life, but it got me thinking how much value people put into other people’s opinion and how that may make people change course to please others. Kind of like social media how people portray someone and something they’re not. Well, this is me, the best I’ve ever looked, the best physical conditioning of my life, and never happier and stronger mentally than now.

Do nothing to make yourself worse and DO EVERYTHING TO MAKE YOURSELF BEST EVER.

FYI – No this wasn’t planned. I came home from an exhausting day of training people, didn’t train myself as you can see no “pump”, no “pumping up”, this is me straight out of the shower with wet hair and how I look 24/7. Not even being “serious”. Being the same PLAYFUL guy, I am all day long no mater what!!! Not a part time guy, I’m in shape all day everyday, not during vacations or seasons, this is the #REALME, in looks and character

Hopefully this inspires you to become the REAL YOU 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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