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Life meets reality, have a CONTINGENCY PLAN! I teach everyone to be prepared for anything and everything once its workout time. Gyms could be closed for various reasons, the whole gym or part of it. Equipment may not be available or out of service. You may not feel like doing an exercise and want to do something else, or a different repetition bracket. You may come to the gym with a planned leg workout but decide after a few warm up sets that you would rather do active recovery and work on some cardio or stretching. Whatever the case, by knowing your options, by having a contingency plan, by going by feelings instead of words on a paper, by being ready to switch the exercises, or even in my case tonight the gym, you are more in control of not letting any situation ruin your workout. Let nothing stand in the way of your health and fitness goals. Have a wide variety of exercises at your disposal and do what is planned, or what you can. Have more than one gym membership. Finally, always have equipment at home.

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