Quit Drinking Alcohol to Become Your Best Self Life Motivation

Quit Drinking Alcohol to Become Your Best Self Life Motivation

Recorded on February 2nd, 2019. Today, April 14, 2019 and I’m still living alcohol free and not only feel but am my best ever in every area of my life. Yes, 100% I give credit to eliminating alcohol for opening the doors of progress in all areas I wanted and needed to be better at. I’m not “better”, I’m my BEST EVER!!!!

I’m inspired to show the world what a positive impact eliminating alcohol has had on my life. This video was recorded two months ago, and since then I have only been able to progress in all areas, at unbelievable speeds, and thank God those around me daily see it, family, friends, clients, people in the gym, total strangers asking me, and I quickly tell them, QUIT DRINKING ALCOHOL and you will be better in all areas of life !!!!!

Totally unscripted, straight from the heart, lots of take always, advise, wisdom you can readily put to practice in your own life. One of the best decisions I made in my life. I hope and pray many of you at least give an alcohol-free life a try, and honest good length of time without booze, and see how great it feels, and how better you become. In terms of making yourself the BEST EVER, quitting alcohol and living alcohol free is probably the quickest and easiest way to become your best.

I will make another video soon for an update on my progress, its actually 8 full months of not a lick of alcohol on the 15th of April, so this video was just a “warm up” of things to come, and the best is yet to come and with time, age, time and aging without alcohol, experience has shown me this is the best life, alcohol free.


Coach George Tsanis

• Faster rate of fat loss

• Faster rate of muscle size

• Faster rate of muscle strength gains

• Better sleep

• Better recover

• Better life choices due to thinking more clearly and not being under the “influence”

• Alcohol is toxic, its not healthy, it destroys health and life.

• Not spending time drinking alcohol and being under the influence gives you time to do some joyful and meaningful in your life – in other words NOT WASTING YOUR LIFE BEING WASTED

• With the money you save be not engaging in the expensive habit of drinking alcohol, you have more money for things that are more valuable to your life.

#motivation #healthylifestyle #bestself #addiction

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