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Good Friday, Easter Weekend. NO excuse to inactive, or “relaxing” as I often hear. Doing activities, you love can be “REAL” relaxing, as in moving around, active by cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking, talking, site seeing, and more. Need a few minutes to “relax”? Why not do some stretching, or yoga, peacefully at home, or with your friends and loved ones while you engage in meaningfully conversation up-close, or just be quiet and enjoy the stillness.

“Relaxing”, as in how most people do it and as I see it, sitting all day watching Tv, movies, social media is not only a waste of life on such a beautiful day and weekend, it will not make you “relax”, or “recover” or more healthier, or fitter. “Relaxing” as in doing nothing is WASTING AWAY, WASTING YOUR LIFE.

Enjoy this special day and weekend with family, friends, people and things that bring joy into your world, and make you better.

Blessings to all on this Good Friday

Coach George Tsanis

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