INJURY! PAIN! SURGERY! NO EXCUSES!!!! Stretching and Workout Motivation 3rd Workout

INJURY! PAIN! SURGERY! NO EXCUSES!!!! Stretching and Workout Motivation 3rd Workout

INJURY! PAIN! SURGERY! NO EXCUSES!!!! For those that know I have sustained both an injury (in the gym, BUT stress” related) and had some surgery done which is keeping me away from normal life, work, weight training, stretching, etc. This doesn’t mean I can’t move, and move I do, and as much as I can.

Its also Easter weekend, so along with not being able to train with my clients, which can be quite intense when you factor in who my client may be, and the accumulated hours, not doing my own regular workouts, not doing my usual stretching, and being surrounded by delicious homemade food all day, along with painful injury and surgery sites, the best things to do is MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!

Without “moving”, exercising, stretching, exposing your body to some sort of load, stimulus, you will regress fast in your health, fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and your injuries will take longer to recover.

Not moving and eating so much? That’s a bad recipe that will get you out of shape, leaving all that hard work, time, sweat, tears all but a memory.

Here I am 8 am, Easter Saturday, -5 degrees, windy, in pain, and every step and movement is a painful one. But I’m rebuilding, building myself up, and the opposite to that, especially this Easter weekend, eating lots of rich foods, sitting and talking with family and friends, will leave me worse, and I don’t do anything to make myself worse, everything breath and movement is to make myself better.

This has been my typical “workout” the last 3 weeks as its all I can do, but its enough to help recovery with my injury, surgery, maintain my fitness, and help with combating the extra calories I’m consuming from the being at home all day and the Easter Holiday.

You can do something, no matter how little you may think and feel it is, do what you can, something is better than nothing, and I show you this in this one-hour workout of band exercises and stretches. I’m doing what I can, twice daily, and not only am I feeling GREAT, unlike those with injuries and surgery’s that use this time as an excuse to “relax” and sit on their ass all day but end up feeling worse and prolonging the painful therapy and ending up worse, my injury and surgery sites are healing up nicely and Drs are impressed with the rate of healing and recovery.

Hope this inspires everyone, especially the “injured”

Coach George Tsanis

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