Real Cardio Weighted Reverse Lunges


Real Cardio Weighted Reverse Lunges

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100 repetitions? YES! Part of my “cardio” “conditioning” “flexibility” programming

Added weight? Yes, because if you don’t cross a certain intensity and volume threshold you are wasting your time in the gym, which unfortunately isn’t uncommon

Ask yourself why you are in the gym? What’s your goals? Look at your current and past programs, is the exercise program and lifestyle choices in line with your fitness and health goals? In my experience, probably not!

No shoes? Socks on hardwood floor? Ill start of with saying this isn’t a “beginner” or maybe even an “intermediate” progression choice. I been doing lunges all my life with every variation and on various floors and heights imaginable under the sun. Start and master the basics before moving to any exercise and exercise variation you aren’t ready for and will probably bring in more “risk” than “reward” into your life.

The added challenge of less stability, less “grip”, and more “slippery” is what I was in the mood for over any other variation or progression I could have done this day.

For us recreational lifters, the more “advanced” and “experienced” we are, the more options we have when we want to employ them.
For beginners, variations and constant changing of exercise and programs isn’t advisable if you are trying to make “specific” gains in n exercise or movement. The same goes for advanced lifters, but if you were “advanced” I doubt you would be reading this 😊

Work on, and master the basics, then you will get MORE out of exercises and not have to focus on new exercises and new programs that take you away from mastery”.

In the future I will expand on many points from above.

Hope this post gave you something you can put into practice 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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