Yoga Ustrasana Camel Pose Fitness Motivation

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Yoga Ustrasana Camel Pose

My first time attempting and accomplishing the Yoga Ustrasana Camel Pose in over 5 weeks, post Bakers Cyst injury and surgery. As you can see from this short video (a longer full video will follow 😊) I performed the Ustrasana Camel pose effortlessly and for a long duration,)

For those of you who have consulted with me over the decades, you fully understand when I prescribe a program, a long-term training and healthy lifestyle strategy to make you “better” and your “best ever”, I play for keeps, NO Yo-Yo gains in fitness levels, getting in “shape”, getting “flexible”, looking and feeling “great” but only to quickly lose them when you cant make it to gym or dedicate as much time and effort into training. Life meets reality. Sometimes life takes us away from being able to train as hard, or train at all. Same with dieting, but I will address this issue later.

For those of you following the magical digital fitness and health world on social media, what I say, and show may be foreign to you. Watch and observe how “Fitness” and “Health” practitioners get in and out of “shape. Watch how they balloon up and down in both muscle and fat body composition. Are they always “strong”, or just sometimes? Are they in good shape all the time, or just sometimes?

For myself, one of the fun things about watching fitness and health “experts” on social media is how they yo-yo in muscle, fat, strength, flexibility. One day they got it all, they next day they back to “normal”. Same with their diets. Does your favourite online “health” celebrity follow a healthy diet all the time, OR just when they want to get in shape and stockpile pictures and videos for later online posts to cover their bad habits of yo-yo fitnessing.
Here I am, practicing what I preach, and valuing my time and energy that my clients and I invest in our healthy lifestyle journey. We don’t do anything to make ourselves worse, but do everything we can, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be, to make the best decisions and make ourselves “better” and “best”.

That’s all I got for this quick post, more in the future to add to this. I hope some of you “GET IT’ that going to the gym, exercising is just a small part of the journey of progress. If you cant keep your “gains”, or “maintain” them, then much of your time invested in your fitness and health journey will be “wasted, yo-yoing in and out of shape, just like many of the online fitness celebrities that have time to post “content” daily and spend hours editing videos instead of doing what real coaches do, work in the trenches, and get REAL RESULTS THAT LAST !!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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