What Should a Personal Trainer Look Like?

What Should a Trainer Look Like?

After being basically “forced” to attend a Fitness Expo, I couldn’t help but go on a rant as to what the “Health” and “fitness” industry has become. Walking around, and seeing Coaches and Trainers wearing what looked to be gym clothes at a Fitness Expo instead of decent, professional looking clothes was just the beginning. It wasn’t hard to notice that most of the booths at this expo consisted of companies selling protein powder. I thought “health” professionals eat and prescribe diets of “real” foods. I should know better, because I daily watch “health” professionals” eat what I would call “junk food”, but being under one roof with thousands of “fitness” and “health” freaks that are getting drunk on protein powders, processed bars and cookies, it brought a bad taste to me. Aggressive, condescending tone was common today as It is everyday when talking to these “experts”. Being hard to approach and communicate with isn’t the same of a great “coach” or “health consultant”.

What should a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and other Health practitioners look like? I know how they shouldn’t look like and how they shouldn’t present themselves; I explain this in my very truthful and from the heart rant.

Coach George Tsanis

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