The Beaches Toronto Ontario Canada Boardwalk

If you had trouble believing Toronto Canada is a weird city, let me help you out. 20 degrees mix of sun and clouds, mostly clouds, and 60% of the city is suntanning, wearing summer clothes, sandals, the other 40%, are correctly wearing longer sleeve shirts and jackets, and long pants to keep warm.

Everyone wants to look “good” and “sexy”, but you will notice 100% of the people eating junk foods, packaged processed foods, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and alcohol patios are full and beer is flowing freely.

And for those that don’t know the difference between a “beach” and a “swamp”, please travel more and experience a real beach, real food, and “fun” environment. You may have noticed that no one is swimming 😉

For humour, entertainment, and travel information, please don’t be offended 😊

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