Ab Check Over 40 Fat Loss Tips and Tricks Fitness Life Motivation Part 2

Ab Check Over 40 Fat Loss Tips and Tricks Fitness Life Motivation Part 2
#over40 #abdominals #fatloss

This is the second in the series of a series of videos and post that WILL make a POWERFUL IMPACT on not only your fitness goals, but in all areas of your life as a whole! This video was made immediately after the first video that was posted yesterday. Totally unplanned, and with no intentional other than to monitor my body composition after the horrible two weeks of lack of sleep from Pityriasis Rosea and other “issues” I am going through and had this year. It didn’t occur that there is a HUGE message to share here that will benefit others, so enjoy Part 2 😊

First, yes, over 40! Who cares??!!! Mentally and physically I have never been strong. My two plus decades in the gym of training mainly people over the age of 40, and more 50, 60, and all ages in-between even up to over 100 (101 if your curious) have taught me that it isn’t the age, your only as good as right now, and right now you should be not only looking the way you want, but doing the things you want!

Is that You? Looking, feeling, and doing the things you want? ALL THE TIME??? OR do you take 2 steps forward, 1 step back? Or maybe you are part of the people I see in the gym that never take a step forward. Stay tuned for what to do.
FYI: For those that know me, I’m way to busy personally and professionally to be creating “content”. This video was actually for ME, to check and monitor my progress because of all the stress and health issues that have been thrown at me the last 2 months and even the last 5 years!!!! This is me with hardly any sleep in two weeks; Pityriasis Rosea, Baker’s cyst, skin surgery, and much much more health and life obstacles BUTWHO CARES?

“Setbacks” shouldn’t set you back, put you in reverse, make you regress, and cause you to not only lose all the progress you worked so hard for, but even end up worse than when you started. This “Ab Check” was PERSONAL, it shows that I know what I live for, what I want, and nothing can stop me. It motivates me to continue to find ways to make myself better, happier, BEST EVER, NO MATTER WHAT. This is the power my clients and I have: Know what GOAL is, achieve it, NO MATTER WHAT.

No special lights, no modifications to video or pictures, this is ME first thing in the morning, no food, no nothing except the REAL me, how I REALly look like 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Stay tuned, this is only the beginning Have a fun day Coach Tsanis

Part 1 https://workoutsolutions.net/2019/06/10/ab-check-over-40-fat-loss-tips-and-tricks-fitness-life-motivation/

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