The Lost Art of Giving and Receiving Compliments


The Lost Art of Giving and Receiving Compliments
#Life #Motivation #Goals

Compliments can be very POWERFUL!!! Acknowledgement of one’s effort and success are beautiful, and helps people reinforce their path, knowing that what they are doing is “working”, there is “progress”, people are seeing it, and not just noticing and seeing, but giving a powerful compliment.

Compliments are rare today, and when you give one its as if the recipient is shocked at your “kindness”, and sometimes the person giving the compliment gets accused of being “too nice” or “fake”. The rarity of giving and receiving compliments has changed humans. We seem to notice the progress of strangers on social media rather than the progress of our loved ones face to face. Maybe it’s the whole vicious circle of social media shaping our thoughts and behavior.

Let’s get back to caring and loving each other. Words of encouragement, words of acknowledgment, feedback whether its good or bad, and compliments of effort and achievements should be based on truths. Pay attention, be mindful of your environment and the people around you, loved ones and strangers alike. I’m sure positive words of encouragement, help, and of course, compliments can help us become loving, caring, and honest humans again, changing our world for the better, as we get better and better.

I hope this vlog inspires you to start complimenting again if you have lost the art of giving compliments. Once giving compliments becomes “normal” again, receiving compliments won’t be such a shocking event anymore. LET’S DO THIS!!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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