Eating out at Buffet Restaurant – Eat REAL FOOD ONLY – Eating out Rule #1

Eating out at Buffet Restaurant – Eat REAL FOOD ONLY – Eating out Rule #1
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Look at this buffet, wide variety of “food” and “dishes”. Very easy to let loose and eat foods you normally wouldn’t eat? Too tempting to overeat?

In my practice I don’t accept such excuses! We eat foods that are healthy, nutritious, and help make us better, and no food that makes us worse is allowed.

Success leaves clues, and no better place than an all you can eat buffet restaurant or supermarket to see what not to eat. I had multiple comments and people staring at me not just because I was with my family, helping my 97 year old grandmother with filling her plate, but people were watching what how I look, lean and vascular, and also what I eat, which is real food. Not surprisingly, the other “lean” people were also eating what I would consider “better” and “great” food choices. On the other end, and more common, the restaurant was filled with overweight, obese people, and interestingly, not one of these overweight people ate what I would consider “healthy” or help with “health”.

Some people consider buffets a bad place to be, where they make worse food choices. This isn’t the restaurants fault! You are in control of what you put in your mouth, no one is forcing you to eat junk, or overeat. I teach people what foods are good, better, and best. These are the foods you eat. Worst food choice? You probably know what they are already, they were the foods you used to eat frequently before you got so out of shape, sick, fat, that you needed medical help, or seek the advice of an experienced professional that can help you bring you to better health. Friend foods, sugary desserts and meals, pastry, and processed foods isn’t what you usually see “healthy” people eat. These foods have nothing to do with health, so even though cosmetically someone may “look” and “perform” great while eating these junk unhealthy foods, I doubt their “health” is in good standing, and if it is, it won’t be for long.

We only eat foods that are real, good for us, help us with our life goals. It doesn’t matter where I am, what the situation is, I ONLY EAT FOODS THAT MAKE ME BETTER, NOT WORSE. Its not your environment, it what’s you allow, and if you value your health, and have strong enough health and performance e goals, you know what foods will make you better, and which foods will make you worse. If your “unsure”, don’t eat it. If you ate something that isn’t “healthy” you live with the consequences.

Most ex smokers won’t have a cigarette or a ‘drag”. Most former alcohol drinkers won’t have a sip of any alcoholic beverage. Most overweight, sick, unhealthy, deconditioned people I worked with over the last 2 decades and know DON’T go back to eating the foods that made them worse, instead they fill up on foods that make them better.

FYI = Yes, I had a “dessert”. I found something that interested me, and as God planned, so did my Grandmother and my parents. I took this opportunity to enjoy a few pieces of Cranberry Coconut squares. My grandmother is 97, my parents late 60 and early 70, I cherish the moments I spend with them, have fun with them, and create memories. The Cranberry wasn’t all that “bad”, in fact I enjoyed it and my mother, and I will make this at home soon. Don’t just eat, eat with a purpose and meaning, and when it has to be “bad”, make the end result good.

Coach George Tsanis

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