Jazz Festival Because Beer, Pasta, and Music Under the Hot Sun is the Perfect Combination

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Jazz Festival Because Beer, Pasta, and Music Under the Hot Sun is the Perfect Combination
#Addiction #Alcohol #Obesity

Jazz Festival Because Beer, Pasta, and Music Under the Hot Sun is the Perfect Combination

Toronto Canada, the “best city in the world” they say. Maybe “they” have never been to a place where REAL “life” comes naturally engraved in the culture, NOT FORCED on us by governments and corporations that make us live how they want us to live. Some call this the “modern world”, I call it “living lifelessly”.

Observe that there is no shade to sit in, even in the “V.I.P” drinking area. I see people, seniors, roasting in the sun. How long do you think they will last under the hot, humid sun? Not long I reckon. Maybe that’s the goal. Just like our loud restaurants in Toronto, I doubt you can just “chill” out for a few hours when talking to the person in front of you is (deliberately) difficult.

Back to this umbrella-less alcohol patio. I suspect this is quite dangerous. Sitting in the sun for more than an hour would be difficult, and even people in the best of health, most medical practitioners would advise against this. So how are you supposed to enjoy Jazz festivals, or any festivals if shade, umbrella, cool areas are not provided? Again, maybe in the “modern world” that is by design, not by accident.

Food availability. Pasta? Is this supposed to be healthy? What if you have blood sugar issues, is there any food that would cater to people with medical issues that need to follow a specific diet, one that isn’t based on the traditional Western junk food diet of pasta, bread, hot dogs, pastry, alcohol. Surely the “best city in the world” can provide something for everyone, right? Good luck with that.

Beer and pasta are not the healthiest of lifestyle practices. Combined together, you could be risking some major health issues. Combining long exposure under the hot sun, alcohol, and eating foods that can play havoc with blood sugar, now there’s an explosive combination, and not in a good way as I’m thinking about a cardiac event.

Being well traveled, I can tell you I haven’t seen too many country’s where I would witness people drinking alcohol under the hot sun. If you have travelled to hot weather country’s I’m sure you have run into locals that warned you about staying in the sun, can you imagine staying in the sun and drinking alcohol?

Ill leave it there. People please, when making plans and ending up at any “event”, ensure your health and safety is not compromised. Ensure that good quality health food is available. Junk food is unacceptable, and so is being placed in a situation where your environment is both “unhealthy” and “dangerous”.

Coach Tsanis

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