#Canada #Empty #HappyBirthday

Its amazing how Canadian immigrants, came to Canada for a “better life”, but in the process didn’t forget how to live “life”. My immigrant parents still hold our traditional values such as keeping our door open for friends and loved ones that want to visit, cooking more food than necessary just in case someone arrives unexpectedly, loving and helping others as much as we can, and many other great human qualities. We didn’t forget who we are and what we live for.

It’s a perfect Toronto Canada day, 25 degrees. For anyone that knows me, one of the things I hate most in life is when I see empty chairs, empty patios, empty party’s, people not being together when they can be, should be. Don’t live an empty life. Do the things you love, be where you want, and spend time with the people that matter.

Don’t forget how to LIVE

Coach Tsanis

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