Distiller District Food Market Walking Tour

Distiller District Food Market Walking Tour

Was told there would be a Food Market. Since I am at the Distillery District a few times a week for the last roughly 20 years, and lived beside it for 12, I thought a “food market” would be both “interesting” and just what the District “needed”.

Didn’t see much “food”, as I usually don’t. I was hoping for something much larger and better, and by better I mean a REAL FOOD MARKET!

As you can see form my quick walk around, real food, or at least real “quick” healthy food is very, extremely difficult to find.
I was to meet some friends and Family here but thank God I was able to call everyone in time for them not to come and WASTE their time. I was asked “Didn’t you know it would be a let down” and “what did you expect”? Answer = Yes, I knew it would be a “let down”, just as most “events” in Toronto are, and what I expect is always “fun”, “excitement”, “LIFE”. At least I’m always OUT THERE looking, trying, and good or bad, experiencing the city. Wish more people would do the same, then maybe these “events” would be bigger and better.

Be prepared to adjust to any bad situation and environment. In this case I was hoping for REAL food, fresh produce, healthy baked goods, etc. I would and do support these guys. But that’s not common in Toronto, or most North American cities. Horrible food, unhealthy food, stressful situations is the norm. If you don’t allow it in your life, it doesn’t exist. This is why I teach people that you either eat REAL FOOD OR YOU DON’T EAT!!! There is no “bad situation” that can make me change my lifestyle choices.

Enough ranting get outside and experience the world, the REAL world, REAL FOOD, and REAL People FACE to FACE.

Coach Tsanis

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