City Life Food Market #JunkFood #Diet #Health


City Life Food Market #JunkFood #Diet #Health

The more healthy and fresh food available, the better. I’m not sure what was the motive behind the farmers venders at City Hall. The prices were ridiculous as they usually are for “healthy” food in Toronto, Canada, and North America as a whole. If its “healthy” it got to be expensive $$$$$, right? Do I really believe the city has some initiative to make “healthy food” more available in Toronto? Junk processed foods here all over the city, with franchises that can afford the expensive rent because of the massive profits they make. As for fresh healthy food, you should always have your regular, go to supplier you can both trust and afford.

I walk by City Hall a few times a week and am no less shocked today than even decades ago when I see junk food / processed food venders in front of such an important building, and tourist attraction. Do we really want locals and tourist, anyone at all destroying their health with this junk food when Ontario and Canada have enough farms to supply us fresh, healthy, affordable REAL FOOD? It amazes me how Government buildings, art galleries, museums, and other city attractions are filled with junk, sugary, processed, surely unhealthy food. Its hard to run away from it, hard to manage a healthy eating schedule when finding healthy food at any price can be very difficult.

For the people I consult with, there is NO place for junk processed foods in the diet. NOT EVER!!!! If you choose to eat unhealthy junk processed foods, you know and accept the consequences of that. Stick with my Rule of “If you can’t find and eat real healthy food, DON’T EAT UNTIL YOU CAN!!!”. We eat REAL, HEALTHY FOOD ONLY, and no situation, event, or circumstance will change that, not even the “modern world” where “fake food” and “Fake life” online have become the new normal, acceptable, and expected.

Garbage in, garbage out, remind yourself this when you eat, and it will keep you focused on health, tradition, and real life.

Coach George Tsanis

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