Challenge Yourself Try More, Do More, Be More #Life #Motivation #Workout


Challenge Yourself Try More, Do More, Be More

This was almost 2 months ago, inspired by my Korean friend to add Handstands into my routine, here is video footage of my first attempt in doing handstands since I would guess in longer than a decade, 2006-2007. My Korean friend was not so impressed with my form, so he selflessly took time out many times, before my attempt, and after to teach me what needs to be done to be a “real” handstand, safe and productive.

Do you challenge yourself in the gym, physical fitness, and in line in general enough? As a Coach that spends many hours in the gym every single day, “challenge” and “effort” is largely missing in the gymnasiums. If you’re not making progress, not achieving your goals, and not having fun, these are the first signs that something needs to change. This would be easy to fix if people knew what their “goals” are, and why they are in the gym. Many people just “show up” to the gym, no real challenging effort towards exercises, selecting “easy” exercises, and not using any form of “progression”, and many other things people do INTENTIONALLY and not intentionally to waste their time in the gym.

Always be mindful of what needs to be, and can be changed in your exercise, physical fitness program, and life in general. If you’re not challenging yourself, your probably not making the progress you want, and never will. I didn’t do even one good repetition here in my first handstands in over a decade, but this workout wasn’t about “perfection”, it was about “trying” and “effort”, and can tell you I was both HAPPY, IMPRESSED, and PROUD of myself for taking the next step into rebuilding myself.

Hopefully I have inspired You to Challenge Yourself Try More, Do More, Be More

Coach George Tsanis

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