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Life meets reality, where our goals, lifestyle, and environment clash. Today is a BIG family get-together to celebrate the life of my Cousin Chris who left us one year ago. I have been a huge part in putting together this reunion, which will take place at the cemetery, Church, and Banquet hall, and possibly at a family members house to end it off. Lots of family, relatives, and friends, and many are bringing food. This is where you must be in control of what you allow and don’t accept in your life. People that don’t care much about their own health, much less concerned for your own will try to persuade you to give up your “healthy Lifestyle”, pushing you to try a nasty dessert, traditional food that reminds you of World War stories our grandparents told us about that included starving, alcohol, and stressing you out anyway possible as some relatives only know how, can be a recipe for a bad day.

Food: Not the most “ideal”. Starting the day off at the cemetery will be lots of pastries, bakery bought and homemade, and although I have largely CUT pastries out of my life, I will accept tradition desserts and pastries made the traditional way only by people I trust, My mother is one of those people, My Aunt Vicky (Chris’s mom), and the bakers I know and trust, so its mostly about not overdoing the sugar. The bad stuff is some of the nasty fried, high fat pastry, which I don’t consider food and don’t eat at all. Alcohol in the form of Brandy and Whisky is a party tradition, thank God I quit alcohol almost one year ago (actually is one year, but…Ill explain in another upcoming video). Olives and cheese from Greece, homemade bread, that’s the safest food this morning. Food served at the banquet hall was healthy, delicious, and could have easily been a lowcarb meal, but the desserts and pastries brought by guest are in the background and no “healthy” meal will be healthy if you back it up with a tonne of sugar, fried foods, and alcohol.

Days like these are not a “test”. You must decide what foods you eat, which foods you will never eat. Days like this, when celebrating something special, and with friends and relatives from all over the world, sometimes rules get thrown out the window. Today, because of the occasion, and many out of town family that will surely make some pastries and desserts, I will do my best not to offend anyone and at same time does not make myself worse.

I show you a strategy I’ve used for decades, fasted exercise, depletion workout. Basically, doing a workout, full body, many different exercises, targeting many angles of the muscles, high and low reps can be used, and add some nice stretches when you feel like it. Various ways to do this fasted depletion workout, depending on my client’s background and goals, and what they are willing to do, and what will yield the best results overall. Using this method for over 3 decades, now both on myself and my clients. Once you do it, and master when to use it and “exactly” how, it becomes a major part of your exercise and diet ritual. Lowering blood glucose, muscle and liver glycogen, upregulation of GLUT4 receptors, enhancing blood flow, positive hormonal manipulation are the main goals of this fasted exercise program.

Today may be a day filled with not the most ideal food for my health goals, and certainly going to be surrounded by many traditional dishes, pastries, desserts made by family members that I may not want to say “no” to, so I may not, and I’m planning well in advanced to make the negative effects, if any, less rather than more. Today may also be a day of lots of sitting, not being as active as I usually am, and certainly will be less active I prefer to be. With such inactivity, and like a child I hate being still and rarely am, moving, exercising, and stretching before long periods of inactivity, especially when combined with lots of food, and potential for not so “healthy” foods, performing fasted cardio exercise and stretching with its mentioned positive affects will help make things “better” rather than “worse”. Of course, when combined with a 100% healthy diet and lifestyle, meaning nothing is slowing down fat loss (sugar) and destroying your health, rendering your past workout and diet efforts to a total waste of time.

That’s all for now folks even though there is much more to show and explain here. It was the prefect day with the perfect situation to showcase this method, and in the future, I will expand on this “fasted” method and also my “fed state” protocols that can be used for the same mentioned goals. Everyone I work with does this protocol, again, fasted and fed state, so I hope you give it a try and watch the positive results ion changing your body composition and fitness capacity.

If you would like help constructing fasted exercises, and many variations of this program that are done in both fasted and fed state, send me an email to discuss this.

Coach George Tsanis

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