Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Me Time #Life #Motivation #Goals

Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Me Time
#Life #Motivation #Goals

Seems like everyone is too “distracted” to notice they are “too busy” wasting life rather than living it. “Too busy”, “no time”, “no energy”, “no desire”, “mood”, and my absolute favourite excuse (and lie), “I work all day”.

In this video I show and tell how I use exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle based on what is important, what matters, and what is inline with my life goals, to give me energy, fuel my day, power me, enhance my drive, strength, courage to TAKE ON THE DAY and do what I must, what I love, and everything in between that is meaningful and purposeful in my life.

Exercise, a healthy diet, great family and friends, a career that feels like I’ve never “worked” a day in my life, and many other positives I have, create, and let in my life is what makes me DO MORE IN LIFE, GET MORE OUT OF LIFE, and NOT WASTE MY LIFE. A “healthy” lifestyle doesn’t TAKE you time, it GIVES you time.

Make time for everything that matters, everything you want and need, and you will notice that a healthy exercise, diet, loving and positive people, creates the cycle of DOING MORE and BEING MORE. Not exercise, a junk food diet, wasting life in a chair, on social media, with toxic people and environments drain you, waste you, and create e the cycle of doing less, and even doing NOTHING, and becoming worse and worse.

Do everything to make yourself better and best.

Coach George Tsanis

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