Ever Wonder Why People in Toronto Canada are so Angry and Miserable? TRANSPORTATION #Transportation #Travel #Stress

Ever Wonder Why People in Toronto Canada are so Angry and Miserable? TRANSPORTATION
#Transportation #Travel #Stress

From late buses and trains, to NO buses and trains. Inconsiderate people that play with their toes in public, have clothing hanging off to show brand of underwear, smelly cosmetics, overweight people throwing their weight around, scary dogs and other animals, crazy and violent people. That would sum up our public transportation system here in Toronto, otherwise known as the TTC.
Driving around with car? Traffic in an overpopulated city, major construction zones all over the city, car accidents, and the high cost of owning a car make driving in Toronto the first or second most stressful thing in the city, that’s between public transportation versus driving, both are HORRIBLE!!!

Taxi? No point in taking a taxi if you will be stuck in traffic!!!! Traffic congestion plus the HIGH $$$$$ cost of taxi make taking a taxi a thing of the past for most people and is largely reserved for high earners that can make business calls while sitting in the backseat, and this is usually only if those mini limousines are not available.

The above transportation problems may give the major reasons why people in Toronto Canada are angry, miserable, lack respect, and prefer to stay locked up in their houses than go out, where going out will quickly turn into wasting life in traffic and a line up of some kind. If you do manage, you will notive Toronto Canada lacks any real culture, history, and the places to go to would satisfy a child that hasnt gone out much yet, but would be “same old” to an adult that needs something more deep and real. Restaurants typically close around 10 pm, last call for alcohol is 2 am, parking in the city is a nightmare since every inch of real estate in Toronto is being turned into a condominium, making people live like canned sardines. Again, everything is EXPENSIVE, so finding “value” is next to impossible. Oh, so is finding good, healthy food, and a table to sit and relax at.

Have a great day wherever you are, hopeful as most in Toronto say, “anywhere but here” 🙂



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