REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD Sickness or Health What Would You Choose? #Realfood #Diet #Health

REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD Sickness or Health What Would You Choose?

Real food or no food. Food is “food” and anything else would be “fake” food” right? This is your typical “food” at a café, restaurant, fast food outlet in Toronto, Canada, and North America. Does it look “real”? Healthy? Does this “food look like it would enhance your health, or destroy it?

How about those long workouts to build muscle and lose fat, you think these “foods” would help you with your fitness and health goals? What a shame if you wasted all that time going to and being in the gym, and wasting all your efforts on junk foods that make you fatter, less muscle, weaker, more injury prone, less energy, less focused, just to name a few of the negatives, would you still eat this sugary, fat, addicting unhealthy “food”?

Your focus should be REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD. Food retailers focus on profits, that’s why they sell flour and sugar, lots of profit here selling “convenient” and addicting foods that most can afford $. Being too busy to cook, always on the go, distracted, hormonal highs and lows that keep you a slave to the sugar and fat, and make it convenient enough to buy, and that’s a recipe for success for a business owner, but a horrible price to pay for anyone that values their life, health, and time.

These unhealthy foods are anything but “convenient’, the goals that will never be realized because of these toxic substances, the long line ups, the stress of not eating healthy food peacefully at a table, at times you may stop feeling “human”, especially when your made to wait in a long noisy line, then you must eat it on the go because no tables and chairs, then your energy, mood, health turn for the worse and you no longer can maintain your meaningful and purposeful lifestyle.

Solution? EAT REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD! Life meets reality, sometimes we are in places and situations where REAL food is not available, that’s how food retailers and people that profit off your hunger, health, and location want it and designed it, NO CHOICE but junk food. You do have a choice, and in fact, if health is your concern, long term you only have one choice, better choices, meaning REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD. This can mean many hours with eating food, real food, but any downfalls of this “fasting”, “Intermitten fasting” as some call it, or as I call it for what it really is, REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD philosophy, is met and rewarded with the advantages of enhanced health, enhanced energy, foods that help achieve goals instead of wasting them and making them harder to attain, and saving time, time spent in line up, time spent in health clinics when your sick and need to be checked out.

QUALITY of food enhances quality of life. Saving time and money eating junk food will end up costing you money when you need to stop work early in life, retire earlier than planned without enough savings, etc., and the money you supposed saved by eating this cheap junk will now cost you in every way possible that you will surely regret. Eating the highest quality of foods, giving your body what it needs and wants will enhance your quality of living, and that my friends is PRICELESS.

Coach George Tsanis

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