Homemade Burgers and Tomato Garden Salad #Burger #Lowcarb #Diet

Homemade Burgers and Tomato Garden Salad
#Burger #Lowcarb #Diet

Life meets reality: Knowing I will be busy today, “probably” too busy to cook, I took the precaution of making my burgers and salad first thing in the morning, Now that my chores and responsibilities are taken care of and in order, I can enjoy my super healthy and delicious meal peacefully.

Options: Knowing I will be extremely busy for at least the first half of the day, my options were to 1) Cook first thing in morning before I begin my “work”, 2) Cook after my “work” is complete, or 3) Eat out somewhere when I step out to enjoy the day.

Option 2 would be too tiring to cook after “working” and “cleaning”. Eating out? Restaurants in Toronto are anything but relaxing, with lots of noise, loud annoying music, and subpar food and service, and expensive. Option 1 was best option.

Take a look at your daily schedule, and even day to day, figure out when and how its best to schedule cooking and eating times, this way you wont be in a situation where you may not have time or desire to cook and eat, and certainly keep you away from expensive restaurants with only God knows what ingredients are really inside.

Coach George Tsanis

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