Come Hell or High Water, The Modern World Wont Stop Me From Doing What I Love #Life #Motivation #Goals

City Life – The Modern World Designed to Ruin Your Day – But I Don’t Allow It

Traffic, subway closures, late buses, crime scenes, fire trucks, long lines, dirty air, crazy people, digital life behind a screen where you feel more safe, comfortable, peaceful. living. The devil has designed the “modern world” to drain us of life. The devil wins only if you allow it. Come Hell or high water, let nothing stand in your way of what you want to do, where you want to go, and everything you live for.

Just another day in Toronto Canada, TTC Toronto Transit Commission doing what they do best, stressing me out and wasting my life. The TTC, and its awful, unreliable “service” is one of the main reasons why people don’t do what they want to do, meaning go out to places without worry of time, safety, costs to name just a few. Can you imagine how many children are crying waiting for a parent to arrive BUT the parent is stuck in a mess on the public transportation? Late for work?

To drained and too little time to workout now because you were in a chaotic mess on the transit system? Because there is no healthy food being sold in the transit stations and you were starving hungry did you succumb to eating junk food that will not only ruin your “gains” but screw you up mentally and physically for the next few hours or days? All by design, drain people so deep that they give up. Don’t go out as much. Skip workouts. No time to cook so you eat the garbage junk food so readily available in the city. Life, or lifeless? I choose LIFE! Nothing in this “modern world” can stop me from living the life I was put on this earth for. I will live my purpose.

Don’t accept the worse, learn to not only deal with it, but to minimize it to the point where the “modern worlds” evil obstacles to living a “real life” can’t, wont stand in your way.

Coach George Tsanis

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