Cheap Stories 1 – Being Frugal Costs You More Time and Money – Being Cheap = Wasting Life #Frugal #Life #Time

Being Frugal Costs You More Wasting Time and Money Being Cheap = Wasted Life

Cheap stories, I got stories to tell. This neighbor is going on 5+ years of working on the patio. Total waste of time, money, LIFE. Could have paid someone to do the job right, faster, cheaper. 5 YEARS+!!!!! Could have spent time doing the things you love, for example spending priceless time with family. You don’t save money wasting hours, days, months, years doing things that you know nothing about, spending money on things you don’t need, and wasting time doing something that will take you many times longer and more expensive to complete than hiring a knowledgeable professional that could have completed the job in days. Its evening, while most people are relaxing with family, friends, and chilling out getting ready for sleep, this cheap man is sanding down paint THAT HE APPLIED 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!

Hiring a professional carpenter would have had the patio project completed in under a week. When you calculate the time it takes YOU to complete it by the amount of money you earn per hour, did you really save time and money?
Value your life, be mindful where you put your time and money. Put your efforts where you get the most returns. This man just wasted 5 years so far, when he could have spent that time with family, friends, hobbies, whatever he wanted that would have brought him value to his life.

For those that know me personally, I’ve been saying since I was a teenager that “being cheap is a sickness”, and as an adult I stand by my opinion. Somethings in life are priceless, somethings waste your life. Don’t waste your life on things that don’t bring valuable returns.

Coach George Tsanis

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