Youtuber Loses Millions of Subscribers Celebrates with Sweet Cherry Real Food Real Life #Sweet #Motivation #Dessert

Youtuber Loses Millions of Subscribers Celebrates with Sweet Cherry Real Food Real Life

Last 24 hours many posts, not many views, but many lost subscribers. Those that know me personally know I consider the internet and social media the devils show, pure evil life wasting invention that takes us away from living a real life. Ok, not a million subscribers, a few, 4 to be exact, and that’s good, because I don’t trust that most of my followers are “real followers”. In fact, I got about 100 subscribers in a few days when my Bakers Cysts video went viral, that was 4 months ago, since then my average views per video is same. Even my own mother doesn’t get my notifications when I upload a video, or anyone else I personally know that follows me. Even funnier is when someone right beside on their mobile is looking for my videos and profile and it takes forever to come up, as if I’m being hidden, maybe because I am being hidden 😉

I always tell people to stay offline and go live a real life, unlike most “content creators” that BEG you to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, which sounds like someone is trying to not only waste your time, your life, but fuel an addiction, internet addiction which is destroying lives all over the world.
My YouTube Channel and social media presence is to help educate and inspire people on eating better, exercising better, and living a real life. Press UNFOLLOW, DELETE, DISABLE, or whatever works to get you OFF living behind a screen.

As a side note, this post also ties in with my “being cheap costs you time and money” philosophy. People try to justify internet and social media use by claiming they are “learning”, getting “motivated”, being “inspired”, and other excuses that just reinforce what the internet does, cause addiction when people can’t / wont face reality and the truth.

Need to learn something? Hire a professional in that field that can teach you what you need and want to know. Watching and copying peoples exercise program isn’t “personal” and could be detrimental and dangerous. Want to learn how to cook? Call someone over and cook and bake in the kitchen for real, not watching people cook and bake junk food that tricks you into eating bought junk food which also causes the vicious cycle of you watching people cook while sitting down eating stuff you didn’t cook and contains only God knows what ingredients. Go in the kitchen and cook like Grandma did. Need to learn how to do photography and videography? You won’t learn watching others, get out their and use your camera and when ready hire someone that can help you take better pictures. You need to begin and sitting behind a computer watching videos and social media posts keeps you from doing your best and being your best. So yes, social media, internet, television, all deigned to waste your time and money.

Coach George Tsanis

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