Secret of Fitness Over 40 Happiness vs Pleasure Life Motivation

Secret of Fitness Over 40 Happiness vs Pleasure Life Motivation

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

FYI – I wanted to post something both educational and inspiration on the first of the month, August 1st, unfortunately a serious matter came up that made my day more difficult, and the next month, so I was brain fogged and time constraint. I’m not a “content creator”, I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach, posting motivational content ONLY happens if I have free time, after all my priorities and responsibilities to myself and others are all taken care of, if I have time, and something useful to share, I will, that being said, I have been busy, I have unfortunate things to deal with from spiteful, arrogant, confrontational people, and its also a long weekend here in Canada and like I said, posting online, and being online isn’t my first priority 😊 . Today’s post is what I wanted to post on the 1st of the month, but even this is not in entirety, and seeing many people not leading a life with purpose, meaning, joy, but instead doing much to destroy their life, I am going to post this incomplete post again, and I pray It will inspire someone to make better choices moving forward, which will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Many people try to lead a life of so many conflicting actions and goals. I call this “being everywhere but getting nowhere”!!!! I will expand on this very important topic, because without auditing your life, what makes you “better” vs what makes you “worse”, you could be investing time and energy into something you can attain, in other words, WASTING YOUR LIFE. Of course dealing with issues you “know” make you “better” or “worse” is a lot different with dealing with real life situation that distract you from who you are and what you should be doing, this can be illness, financial, job, family, and even manufactured and created distraction like toxic habits and hobbies like social media, friends that encourage you to do things that are not conducive to your life goals, and drug abuse, for example alcohol, which will surely wipe out much if not all your exercise efforts.

When you KNOW what you LOVE, what and who brings you JOY, what matters, what doesn’t, what makes you better, what makes you worse, and knowing the difference between “happiness” and “pleasure”, this would be the beginning of living a real life, with meaning, purpose, and from here, making choices that are the BEST choices, doing all you can to MAKE YOURSELF BETTER, and NOTHING to make yourself worse!!!

My 2019 started off with a long, nasty flu, that was January and February. April had schedules skin surgeries that I knew would change my life. April also brought me that super painful Bakers Cyst that felt like my leg was blown off. June 2019 gave me an introduction to pityriasis Rosea, which left me scratching all day, and sleepless nights for almost a month. Try working out when you MUST scratch yourself, I guarantee you will not have to most productive workouts. Many many MORE bad situations came up during the year, but I don’t wish to disclose them as its both personal and not that important for you. And with all the negatives in my life I still need to manage my personal training business where people rely on my expertise to help them be the best they can be, this requires me to be 100% as I never know what to expect from my clients, I have to deal and incorporate their issues and potential “setbacks” into a modified plan, so everyday is a fun and exciting one, and did I mention everyday is a “work day”? I LOVE IT. I also love my family and friends, and nothing in this world takes me away from anyone important and loved, I always make time for people I love.

You would think that with all these major setbacks I would take a break from working out, relax more (whatever that means), eat more, and possibly eat more foods that would make me look worse. Give up on exercise and diet when bad situations arise? Can’t work out hard like I “used to” so I will wait till I get better and start fresh? Yes, I hear this now a lot, mid summer, seems like most people that were “having fun”, hanging out at bars, partying, alcohol, drugs, long sleepless nights can’t wait for summer to end so they can’t start their new “cycle”.

Health and fitness have no “breaks”! You are either eating well and challenging yourself physically, mentally, or you are falling behind, in short, getting worse. Every day I wake up and start my day with some of the most successful and strongest people in the world, my family, friends, clients, my mentors. Inspired by the struggles and successes, I learn how to cope with the good and bad. I know what matters and what doesn’t, I know what makes me happy, better, and I go that path 😊. What makes it “easy” is knowing what matters, knowing my goals are real, and everything and everyone I allow in my life is a positive force, and I never expected life to be “easy’, and glad it isn’t, that would be too boring for a man like me.

Life should never be “boring”. Building yourself UP is a lot more fun, fulfilling and joyous than wasting life doing things that don’t matter, being with toxic people, and destroying your health with junk food and drugs just to name a few. I am blessed to have had the best family upbringing and love anyone can ever ask for. I am blessed to have learned from some of the most successful people on earth. I don’t use the terms “family”, “brother”, “sister”, loosely, if you’re in my life there is a very good powerful and meaningful reason. They helped build me. I will continue to teach and inspire people how they too can make themselves BEST EVER. I hope you enjoyed this post, my latest pictures and videos (all taken August 1st 2019 and no editing of any kind, I don’t even know how), and let it motivate you do chase real happiness, real health, real life!

1) For most of this year, 2019, my workouts have not been the greatest. Since my Bakers Cyst injury April 7, not one workout can compare to previous of this date. My unstable knee, having a huge chunk of meat ripped off my back, believe me, my workouts are the best I can manage, I always train hard, and truth is I’m usually the hardest worker in the gym, along with my clients, but this year with sickness, injuries, surgeries, etc, I’m making progress as you can see in my pictures and videos, but I’m also held back and holding back due to my body not being what it was, and not risking anything. My workouts are “perfect” for my state, but my life situation is holding back my progress, BUT ITS NOT ELIMINATING OR MAKING PROGRESS IMPOSSIBLE. Many people wouldn’t workout in such a state, because they figure they can take “time off” and then “gain it all back”. Do I need to teach you how they “gain it all back” after months of inactivity? This isn’t health and fitness, health and fitness is being true and respectful to yourself, nurturing your body with proper movement, excellent nutrition, and living joyous with all your surroundings, loves, passions, needs, goals. Working out and dieting just to look good for certain times and occasions has ZERO to do with health and wellness. Lesson here = We don’t know what life will bring in the future, things change, we change, but when something means so much to you, no matter what your situation or state, you will do it out of love, joy, and that is the biggest value here, not “looking good” or being “strong” sometimes, BUT BEING AS HEALTHY AS YOU CAN BE ALWAYS!!!!

2) Monitor your progress. Pictures, videos, diary’s, they don’t lie. Most people I know look WORSE at the end of summer than before. They got “in shape” for summer, then mixed up pleasure for happiness, and wasted all their efforts in health and fitness by seeking pleasure, which is usually destructive. By monitoring progress, you can stop and derailing and path the regression, again, pictures, videos, and diaries don’t lie, and hopefully the loving people in your life can also let you know they notice “progress” or “regression”. Let them know their feed back is welcomed and trusted 😊

3) Being mindful of conflicting actions, for example spending 45 minutes to get to gym, 15 minutes to change into workout clothes, 60 minute workout, then 15 to change back into regular clothes, 45 minutes to drive home, and all these time limits are just the minimum and don’t include food preparation, eating time, sleep, and all else we do for health and wellness. Sticking with these time numbers, we see we spend over 2 hours a day going to and from the gym each workout, and for most that’s 4 workouts per week, so 8 + hours a week. Conflicting habits, such as alcohol consumption, junk foods, too much sugar, lack of sleep, excess stress, online social media, and a whole host of other things in our “modern world” will not only wipe away any progress you may or may not have made, but will cause you to regress, and over the years, without monitoring via pictures, videos, diary, this “regression” will be go “unnoticed” until too late, and by that time it just may be that, TOO LATE.

4) Eliminate everything you can that makes you worse, keep doing and adding anything that makes you better

That’s enough, hope you got something useful out of this post 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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