Blueberry Walnut Cake Cost Me Less Than $10 to Make, Who Wants the Recipe? #Cake #Baking #Dessert

Blueberry Walnut Cake Cost Me Less Than $10 to Make, Who Wants the Recipe?
#Cake #Baking #Dessert

Still spending roughly $10 on a slice of cake and coffee at your dirty, loud, expensive cafe or restaurant? Was the slice fresh? Big and satisfying enough? Did you enjoy your atmosphere? Did it calm you down, or did the noisy crowds tense you up?

Coffee shops and restaurants are based on “customer satisfaction”, they are open for PROFITS!!! That means food that is probably not only NOT made on premises, but also filled with preservatives to last on the shelf longer. Small seats? Dirty tables? Loud with music and people talking louder to be heard? All these factors that make your stay uncomfortable is by design, not by accident, Get In, Get Out, and let as many “busy” and “lazy” people get in and out with their overpriced junk food and serve more customers than those that feel “comfortable” enough to stay longer.

Why not just make your own food, bake your own desserts, that way you know what ingredients you are eating, know its fresh, and can enjoy wherever you find it most comfortable. Its also the best value, meaning you not only pay the real price of food, as opposed to paying the high price of rent that has overtaken North America, you can enjoy the food in your own home, your Castle.

Withe the extra time of not travelling to cafes and restaurants and waiting line, combined with the extra money you save, and better health because your not eating foods with only God knows what ingredients, you will have more time, energy, and money to do more meaningful things than eat and have coffee at dirty, loud, expensive establishments.

Coach George Tsanis

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