Crazy Old Man Takes Shirt Off to Scare Neighbors #Diet #Health #Fitness

The title of the video is partly true, the main point of the video is to illustrate that no matter what the “setback” or how many “setbacks”, you can never take a step to make a bad situation worse, and like I said in the previous videos, health and fitness lifestyle has no breaks and time off. Whatever setback you may be going through, focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t. By never compromising on your health and values, you continue to make the best choices that will not only minimize any negative affects of the said setbacks but may in fact cause no negatives at all and you will still make progress.

Here I am, as I explain more detail in the previous videos Healthy Lifestyle – Dealing with Injuries, Setbacks, Toxic People, Becoming Your Best Part 1 and 2 on YouTube, walking after 3 days of being bedridden due to excruciating pain in my right leg, only basics movements the last 3 days meaning to bed, washroom, and kitchen, STRESSED OUT, dealing with TOXIC people, no appetite, cant sleep, and after all this stress to my life and body, this is how I look, still looking great, and that’s because I accept what is, and control what I can, and by being in control, making the best choices, you minimize regressing and can actually make progress. Down and out? NEVER EVER, keep doing everything you can to make yourself the BEST.

Unlike others that don’t truly follow a healthy lifestyle, I don’t subscribe to periods of “bulking”, “cutting”, “cheating” and “layoffs” which simply means;

bulking = “getting fat when I want to eat junk foods everyday”, and

cutting = “I got so fat I better start watching what I eat again”

Cheating = “I know its bad for me, but I will do it anyways”. And misery loves company, this person who “cheats” will write a long song and dance and post it on social media hoping to either find sympathy for their weakness, or more likely, encourage others to cheat as well, ruining other people’s diets and health.

Layoffs = Simply means you don’t want to workout / exercise, so you will find some simple pleasure to make you feel good about your time away from bettering yourself through exercise, and that usually involves junk food, alcohol, or both while wasting time on social media telling everyone what a great “happy” life you have. If you really did need a “layoff” you would exchange exercise time for something that enhances recovery, not something that destroys it!

Basing your actions on pleasure, and not happiness, and by allowing sinful pleasure in your life, I’m talking about bad choices that ruin your health and fitness goals and efforts, you always have something to fall back on when they going gets tough, and when the going gets tough, that’s what separates us from becoming our own enemy to becoming our best.

Lesson from the Posing = Do everything to make yourself better, nothing to make yourself worse, no matter what life throws at you, YOUR IN CONTROL.

NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE TOUCHED IN ANYWAY. They are screen shots from the video, so not as clean, and certainly I would never be able to look myself in the mirror if I touched up my own photos.

As for scaring my neighbors, I’m surrounded by noisy neighbors of all ages that never leave the house, and they find entertainment value into watching me and my house, where the action never stops. As I was making the videos this morning, my neighbors, especially the house beside me, had a person watch me from 3 windows, so I couldn’t resist to give them a motivational pose to get off their ass, stop stalking people and invading privacy, and go life your own life before it ends!
Lesson: If you do have a habit of wasting your life watching others, either through windows or behind a digital screen, why not make sure your getting something out of it that can benefit your own life? If that’s not possible, why do you keep doing it? Do everything to make yourself better, nothing to waste your life.

Do everything to make yourself better and nothing to make yourself worse

Coach George Tsanis

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