Show Me at Your Worst or Don’t Bother Showing Me Your Best #Fitness #Life #Motivation

Show Me at Your Worst or Don’t Bother Showing Me Your Best

“if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

― Marilyn Monroe

What is the most likely thing your favourite fitness model, coach, online social media celebrity is hiding from you? Probably their worst!!! If you haven’t seen the worst from people you follow and subscribe to online, “learn” from, get “inspiration” and “motivation” from, then you must ask, “WHAT IS THIS PERSON HIDING FROM ME?”

We are human, life is real, and real life comes with ups and downs, and we make progress, move forward sometimes by leaps and bounds, and at other times we hit a hard wall and regress from anywhere from a little to losing everything we gained. So, if this is true, and it definitely is, why is your favourite online star not showing you the setbacks they deal with, and how they overcome them, if they in fact do. Many social media stars, Hollywood stars, musicians, celebrities of all types don’t overcome obstacles, they hide it, they mask it. Hiding behind a screen, behind marketing agents, and a whole crew of companies that protect their “investment”, will make sure you see what your supposed to see, and not anything that may bring these “superstars” back to reality, which would make them “normal”, just like you and I 😊

This video was filmed this past Sunday, August 18, 2019, and inspired by two main things. One, I noticed a new member at the gym that was using improper form on the exercises he was preforming, and I could also sense he was a bit shy, and maybe even “embarrassed”. Both my assumptions were correct, and so was my third assumption, the cause of these negative feelings stems from him watching people online, who also show their best, but never their worst. I gave this young man great advice that he can use all his life. Comparing yourself to people online that only show you their best, and never their worst, is a sure way to failure, because you’re not chasing reality, its, for the most part, a fantasy. I asked this man not to be shy and embarrassed, but instead be extremely proud of himself that he is taking steps to building his best self, and we all start somewhere, we all rise if we try hard enough, we all fall no matter what. What separates us is those that give up when the going gets tough and the goals and desire to be better, live better are not deep enough to make better choices no matter what. If your goals happiness, health, abetter quality of life, then no matter what setbacks you encounter, you will never make decisions that make you worse, only choices that make you better. NO EXCUSES.

The second reason for this video is that I want to show people at my worst, that way they can observe what I do in the face of major obstacles. 2019 has not been kind to me, I’m very close to being at my worst in terms of being able to workout frequently and hard enough. Real life has caught up to me, so although my training isn’t 100%, I still “exercise”, I’m still active as much as I can be without pain and injury, and I continue my diet of great, healthy, real foods. I don’t stop eating healthy because I have a setback that is modifying my moods and making me crave sugary foods that are not good for m. I don’t stop exercising and stretching just because I’m not as strong as I use to be. I don’t stay up late because I won’t be at the gym early tomorrow.

I showed this young man, new to the gym, videos of me with 400-500 pounds on the squats and deadlifts just three weeks ago, done with ease. I explained to him that last week I couldn’t even walk, and every breath was a painful one. Today is my first-time training legs since August 5, and the weight is more than half of what I used three weeks ago and in the last year. He couldn’t understand why I was so happy and excited though. I was the happiest guy in the gym because its not always about beating your best weight, or best time, sometimes its about just being able to move, being able to conquer, being able to just have fun in the gym, even if your injured, not as strong, not as motivated. As the saying goes, “Winners forget they’re in a race, they just love to run.” 😊 Here I am at my “worst”, but I’m having a great time in the gym.

I have a lifestyle that I follow that allows me to make progress whether I’m dealing with a setback, a few setbacks, and how light or major they may be. A true healthy lifestyle is followed not because you want to be better than someone else, more muscle, less fat, stronger than others, NO, you follow a healthy lifestyle for YOU, not to compete with others, but to make YOU the best now, and in the future. The opposite of this healthy lifestyle would be no exercise, junk food, lack of sleep, possible extra stress, drugs, alcohol, and wasting time with people and things that don’t benefit you. You decide which road you want to take, but theirs really only one healthy option that will better the quality of your life, and the other road that will surely one day cause you much pain and misery that could have been avoided and prevented.
Show me at your worst or don’t bother showing me your best. You learn nothing from people that don’t show you how they overcome negative obstacles in life. Social media celebrities that show how strong they are behind a computer screen without showing how weak we humans can be when humbled by the universe, they show us nothing at all. Humans are not designed to operate at “peak” performance day in day out, and that’s in a “healthy” state, operating at “peak” during times of stress, times of major setbacks and major issues is not what I would call “typical” or even “expected”.

Showing me your best. What if your favourite social media stars “best” was actually their “worst? Let me explain. Some of these celebrities with bodies that are more muscular, less bodyfat, and much stronger than your “typical” gym member is not “natural”, meaning they are probably on performance enhancing drugs. If your favourite star is JACKED and brags about how much junk food they can pound away, chances are they are on performance enhancing drugs that allows them to “mask” their horrible dietary choices. Your favourite star with a body to die for drinking alcohol quite frequently and showing off about how blessed they are that they can indulge in something so toxic yet doesn’t affect their muscle and fat like the rest of us? Let’s get this straight, alcohol doesn’t not build muscle or burn fat, it inhibits muscle protein synthesis (slows / stops muscle growth) and slows down fat oxidation (fat burning). Alcohol impairs judgement, once you allow alcohol in your life, you are more likely to allow other bad choices in your life, that can only multiply the negative affects of the alcohol. Social media stars that brag about taking extended lay offs from gym and still look awesome? DRUGS. Online celebrities that don’t have aches and pains that affect workouts here, being forced to lower the weights used? NO? Your favourite fitness star only gets stronger and stronger without any aches, pains, or training plateaus? Ok, this is not real anymore, this physiologically isn’t how the body works, this isn’t how normal people, performance enhancing drugs or not, this just isn’t someone that is being truthful to you, isn’t showing you the REAL side of what’s happening.

Showing me your best? Or showing me how FAKE you are? You must know why you follow someone online and dedicate so much of your time, your life to someone else when you could be putting that time into your life. You must have a reason for following someone. Is this person a role model to how you want to live? How you want to look? How they perform? Do they inspire you to be better and you follow them to learn from them? What if they are FAKES? What if they don’t eat all that healthy food they post online but instead eat the processed yummy junk food that most of the world is addicted to? What if this “role model” is not running their own social media sites but some marketing and merchandising company is and the sole reason of posting is so they can feed off your insecurities and sell you products that you don’t need, don’t work, or the sorry ass excuse of “to support my channel buy a T- shirt”, and people feel obligated to purchase clothing to “support” their role model and “inspiration” so they, you, have somewhere to go when you feel lost, feel you need to be motivated, fear of missing out, fear of not knowing the “latest” techniques and “secrets”. Sound familiar? Does this describe you or someone you know?

What if my best is supposed to keep you at your worst? The media is known to cause stress, misery, depression, and confusion amongst other negative things designed to KEEP YOU AT YOUR WORST! Let me explain in point form:

1) Does your social media star tell you to eat junk food and have “carb up” and “cheat days” because it gives you a reward, and you need a “day off”? Would you tell an ex smoker to have a periodic cigarette, an ex gambler to hit the casino once in a while, or an ex alcoholic to have a drink???? OF COURSE NOT!!! Then why would a fitness and health role model with a huge following recommend the worst foods, junk foods, to people that want to be better? Junk food cannot make you better, its just impossible that junk foods will accelerate your health and fitness goals and achievements. Just no way!!!! The only people that can eat this junk and be muscular and lean is with drugs, and that’s not you ,therefore you cant be like your role model because your not doing what your role model is doing, because they never told you because they forgot to mention that part of the program.

Recommending junk foods to overweight people is the recipe of keeping overweight people overweight!!!! In other words, keeping you at your worst. If this is your star then you must ask what their hiding, because the body isn’t designed to build muscle and burn fat on a high calorie junk food diet.

2) Does your social media star look ripped to shreds yet doesn’t workout that hard? Muscles grow from hard work, not a few light sets to “pump up”. Light exercise means “easy” exercise and Ive witness very few, counted on one hand in my 3+ decades in the gym, the amount of people that made great gains in muscle size and fat loss without at least 90% of maximal effort. Telling people to train “light” is telling people to not only be at the worst but get worse. If this is your star then you have to ask what their hiding, because physiological principles don’t support much progress with “light” exercise.

3) Does your fitness star always look ripped? Do you realize how hard that would be, to not only attain a shredded muscular body, but maintain it for weeks, months, years? Again, without performance enhancing drugs, training and sleeping all day, in other words no real full-time jobs or real responsibilities other than training and sleeping and eating, you couldn’t achieve such body conditioning. Your average 9 to 5er with a real job, real family, kids, real responsibilities, and limited time and energy to workout should forget this goal of looking like their “role model” because you will be chasing not only something close to impossible, but if you tried, even with the drugs an all, it would be too stressful and end up in health issues or worse.

I will end it here, I’m sure I have opened up your thoughts to take you to a better place, a place of reality and away from fantasy. Fitness on social media is mostly about selling something most normal people can’t have. Because of time, money, and health risks (drugs), the fantasy of looking and performing like someone with no job other than to workout, eat, sleep, and take drugs to maintain their “healthy” body, and because you only see the “best”, which is cosmetic, fake, not attainable by natural means, and never see the “worst”, the lonely lifestyle (not too many people enjoy being around people that only care about themselves and how they look, they people are usually narcissistic, and prefer a “fake” life as opposed to a “real” life), the performance enhancing drugs, the pain reducing drugs, the mind altering drugs, and all the health issues that arise with these, and of course being bought and paid for. Many of these “role models” are under contract to companies selling clothes, food delivery service (because people are too busy watching others on social media they lack time to cook, but your source of motivation will tell you where to subscribe to home food delivery), supplement companies, and any company willing to sponsor them and trick you into buying this junk with your hard earned money.

Show me at your worst or don’t bother showing me your best? Ask yourself now, what is my role model hiding from me? What do I really know about this person? What am I getting out of all the time I follow this person? Is this person teaching me something, or selling me something? Is this person real?

You can’t look or perform like anyone else because two people aren’t identical in what results they get with diet and exercise. But the important thing to realize is, you cant look like someone unless your on the same playing field, and since you only see the “best”, which is the results ( the hard, strong, toned body), you don’t see the worse, your not supposed to see the worse, because if you seen the worst you wouldn’t be chasing the fantasy of looking and performing like these online computer

NOW YOU KNOW THE TRUTH…. Almost, I left out a lot of things. You just need to know that following fakes is a bad way to live. Dig deep inside you, chase what you love, and strive to make yourself better, competing against yourself, fighting your struggles, and putting all your time and energy into your life, not someone who wants to keep you at your worst so they can befit from it.

Like an ex smoker, a former gambler, and a former alcohol drinker, knowing when to walk away from something that keeps you at your worst, is the beginning of the road to becoming better and best.

FYI – Me at my worst 😊 August has been a total disaster workout and flexibility wise. As of today August 20, I have only been to gym 8 times. After my workout on August 7th, that evening I felt a torturous pain in my right leg. Not being able to move around, and pain was torturous. All day basically bedridden, 3 sleepless nights. This was the worst of it. Once I could move, which was Saturday August 10, I was doing light movement, light loading, stretches, whatever I could do that wouldn’t make me worse. Here I am August 18, leg day, and I’m moving and doing work within my tolerance threshold. I’m not in pain or discomfort, and I’m not trying to achieve this. I am simply training the body to its maximal capacity, which isn’t much compared to what I was capable of 3 weeks ago, but this is the best I got today, and the opposite to this would be to not train lower body, train upper body, but because I did a “warm up” I’m confident I can safely load the lower body without making things worse, but make things better by aiding healing, blood flow, mechanical tension, and moving within full range of motion, that I wasn’t able to do when bedridden.

I wasn’t my “physical” self, but all other areas of my healthy lifestyle I was in charge of. My diet doesn’t change, and in the accompanying photographs you can see I’ve gotten leaner, not fatter. One setback doesn’t have to lead to a cascade of giving up on all other priorities. For example, because I’m bedridden doesn’t mean I can “carb up” on junk food, or not read something useful to my career and interests. In fact, I had more time to mediate, close my eyes, and focus on my breath. When you are not in control of one area of importance in your life, accept what is, and focus more on other areas. This will help you maintain, and even progress while not being fully in control.

Lesson = at your worst, don’t make things worse, focus on things that still make you better, still matter, and bring you happiness, joy. Setbacks happen, learn to make them benefit you, not ruin you 😊

Coach George Tsanis


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