Toronto, The City of Coffee and Line Ups Free Admission Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto, The City of Coffee and Line Ups Free Admission Royal Ontario Museum

No, I had no clue at all! Those that know me know I don’t want or need anything for “free”!!! Nothing is in this world is free. Ok, ok, the best things in life are free. Free things, such as a priceless evening out on the town with Mom. Had a planned scheduled walk inside the Royal Ontario Museum this evening but were shocked to find out it was “third Monday of the month” free admission night. I missed that memo.

Hundreds if not thousands of people waiting in line, right from the entrance at Bloor Street, all the way down to Hoskin Street. That’s one of the, if not the longest line up I’ve ever seen.

Free? If you factor in how long you wait in line up, compared to me having never ever waited in a line up at ROM, and I have been their maybe 75 times in last few years alone, plus the extra amount of people inside, I doubt you would have a great time bumping into so many people, that probably mainly came because its “free” as opposed to view historical items. I usually don’t have problems with excessive attendance in the main general galleries, maybe special events tend to get packed, but not the general floors.

I’m a big fan of the Royal Ontario Museum, former Member for many years, but the only memorable things about this night was the long line up, free night, that I doubt I will ever see again, hopefully, because I would wish people value their life a bit more than waiting in a long line up and saving a “few bucks” when paying for a regular visit is worth the time and money. Waiting in long lines ups to get into free admission? Don’t waste your time!

A rule I live by is – If someone makes me wait, they don’t value my time, so I don’t give them what’s most valuable to me, my time! Never waste it!

Coach George Tsanis

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