Don’t Let Setbacks Hold You Back, Fight Harder to Become Your Best Self Motivation #Life #Setbacks #Motivation

Don’t Let Setbacks Hold You Back, Fight Harder to Become Your Best Self

Setbacks don’t mean you stop being you, stop living a healthy lifestyle, stop progressing. Life is full of struggles and suffering, life would be boring and unchallenging if everything came easy, have everything we want when we want, and no stress or worries. We all have different journeys, and our own unique life, and take different roads to achievements and happiness.

What I see too much of, and even encouraged, is taking “breaks” from exercise, and having periods of eating foods that are not conducive to our health and fitness goals. Whether someone is forced to stop or back off in one area in your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t still maintain or work harder on other important areas. Healthy living has no breaks, that would be “unhealthy” living, and that would mean that we are not only destroying our health, jeopardizing our future, but also wasting what we worked so hard for up till now.

You may have setbacks that stop you from being active, or even moving at all. You will have stressful periods where you feel junk foods high in fat, sugar will help “ease” your suffering. You may sooth yourself with drugs and alcohol.
The first step into a healthy lifestyle is to make the commitment that you will not jeopardize your health. This commitment is a promise to yourself NOT to allow junk foods in your life that will destroy your health, not to allow drugs and alcohol in your life, and not to allow anything at all that makes you worse.
Unfortunately “flexible dieting”, scheduled “cheat days”, and time off exercise for “enhanced” recovery are marketed by “experts that would like you to believe that its not only “ok” to eat junk foods and not exercise, but is part of a “flexible” lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter how much you exercise; you can’t outrun a bad diet. You can’t make up for horrible lifestyle choices, whether its forced upon you through setbacks and difficult situations, or by making the decision yourself for whatever reason you may have that is worth risking your current level of health and deciding you will make it worse by not exercise, not dieting, or both or more bad choices all combined. The only way you can take time off a “healthy” lifestyle and “look good” is the fake way, being on drugs, that way when you do take your “breaks” from exercise, healthy eating, and good lifestyle choices, you can bounce back to your old chemically induced awesome looking body quite easily. For the rest of us that exercise, eat well, and make healthy lifestyle choices with the main goal being HEALTH, there is no other way than the natural way.

We have enough setbacks and struggles in our life that make healthy choices difficult sometimes, don’t add to our struggles by being weak willed and taking elected periods to destroy your health. Injuries, stress, long work hours, travel times, healthy food availability, finances, and many more variables can make following a healthy lifestyle challenging enough. Adding to this challenge by what I call “giving up” on yourself by not exercising when you can, by not eating healthy foods when you can, abstaining from drugs and alcohol because you should, and wasting time on people and things that make you worse not better, this is part of life, part of setbacks, but doesn’t give you a reason to ruin your health, and lose what you worked so hard for.

Here I am Sunday morning August 18, 2019. Recently dealing with torturous pain in my right hip and leg, dealing with a major toxic situation in my life that is leaving me more “drained” and “exhausted” than I can ever remember in life, also in April I had both a leg injury and skin surgery that left me unable to exercise intensely until July. July has been my best training month in 2019, but nowhere near my past personal records, because the new reality is my body has changed, and I must adjust, not “give up” or take “breaks” or “flexible” dieting and exercising. Instead of letting my setbacks take me away from my wants, needs, goals, I do everything I CAN to continue to make progress in all areas of my life NO MATTER WHAT! I exercise within my level of comfort, I never eat foods that harm me, and I deal with stress the best I can to minimize toxic affects on my health. The opposite to this would be called “let yourself go” and do what the modern world would love us to do, chase pleasure by giving up on what matters, our health and happiness. No matter what setbacks the universe throws at me, I will fight to be the man I am, and the man I strive to become. No setbacks can change me, don’t let it change you.

Coach George Tsanis

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