Workout Fitness Motivation – Show Up Be a Role Model, an Inspiration – Gymnastics Ring Flyes #Motivation #Gymnastics #Coach

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Workout Fitness Motivation Show Up Be a Role Model an Inspiration

Those close to me know and understand my struggles the last few weeks brought on by toxic, miserable people. I was asked why I am letting people get away with stressing me. A Coach needs to inspire, motivate, and set a good example of striving to not only be your best, but to enjoy every minute of it.

Here I am Sunday, a bit flat, tired, exhausted, can definitely tell I’m stressed. The weights, maybe 40% of my maximum. I could take a day off, but I feel like challenging my body physically is what will serve as my mediation, my healing, and calm me down. Besides, I have two days rest planned because of personal commitments.

You can let stress take you back, regress, weaker, muscle loss, anger, bitterness. You can also let stress be a strong lesson in life, to you, and those that look up to you. I’m blessed to have many young kids and adults in my life that call me “Coach”, and best of all, a “teacher”. My current stress from toxic bullies can end immediately If I decide to let walk away. I have never in my life let anyone bully me. In fact, I don’t recall too many situations where I allowed someone to bully another person in front of me.

The “kids” in my life see the strength and determination in fighting for your rights. Walking away from bullying would mean “acceptance”, something I could never live with, and certainty never teach to people that I mentor, respect, love me. The best thing to do when your stressed is do what you love, even if it means going “easier” than usual. What matters is that no one can take away your passion and joy no matter how much toxic vibes they bring into our environment. UNSTOPPABLE.

As “STRESSED” out as I am here, and the last few weeks, showing up to the gym, and doing what I love, brings joy to my life knowing no one can take me away from what I love, and teaching youngsters that strength comes in many forms, and life isn’t always easy, but the fight is worth it. #STRONGER

Coach George Tsanis

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