First Lower Body Workout Since Painful Toxic Stress Romanian Deadlift Warm Up #Deadlift #Workout #Legday

First Lower Body Workout Since Painful Toxic Stress Romanian Deadlift Warm Up Squat
#Deadlift #Workout #Legday

The last month has been very stressful, mostly dealing with toxic people that don’t respect themselves, so obviously don’t respect others. Looking back at the stress filled month of August, I notice I didn’t let nothing stop me from being me and doing what I love. When one door closes, another opens, or better yet, know when to close doors and walk through new ones. Anyways, this was August 8 2019, my first leg workout after my stress flare up.

Real life. Real Training. Real Coaching. I’m proud to be a role model people can look up to. Dealing with toxic people can have negative effects on people such as missing workouts, eating more foods, eating foods they shouldn’t be, sleep loss, and more that all have a negative affect not just on working out, but all areas of importance in life.

Its fulfilling to look back and see what others TRIED to put you through, but you fought with every breath. Jealousy and hate are an evil quality that should be avoided. Unfortunately, the world, especially the gym is filled with people of various mental disorders that would love to place misery on others. Misery loves company. God protects us from these evil people. Smile, do your thing!

FYI: In the future I will detail this toxic, stressful situation, and let it all out in public so people can be warned what and who to stay away from, and how to deal with toxic situations in the gym, and walk away better and strong


Coach George Tsanis

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