Food at Health and Fitness Expo – Healthy Lifestyle or Dangerous Obsession #Toronto #Health #Diet

Food at Health and Fitness Expo – Healthy Lifestyle or Dangerous Obsession

The health and fitness industry aren’t what it seems. Following your favourite online fitness celebrities for inspiration, motivation, diet, training, lifestyle advice? You want to be like them? Toned, ripped, shredded, muscles, JACKED? Are you sure what you see isn’t fake? If it is real, is this really how you want to live?

Health and fitness goals is always about a promise, usually about achieving a certain body look, leaner, more muscular, or performance outcomes such as being stronger in resistance exercise or performing better in sports. No one can promise you anything when it comes to any of these outcomes. You simply make better, healthier choices, and your body will do the rest in adapting to the lifestyle, diet, training you do to stimulate the process of adaptation.

Healthy living isn’t based on how you look, or how you performed. Unfortunately many people look on the outside and like what they see, but what if you took a deeper step inside and see what’s really going on, would this change your mind in what your goals are, who you dedicate time to on social media, who you take diet, training, and lifestyle advice from?

Healthy lifestyle isn’t about protein powders and other various supplements, powders and pills that your favourite fitness and health celebrity will sell their soul to become a sport supplement companies ambassadors and sell you junk that doesn’t “work”.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t about eating processed foods, protein powders, protein chips, carb drinks, cookies, ice cream, etc. Instead a healthy lifestyle is based on eating whole nutritious foods, free from processing, and added ingredients to alter taste, expiry date, and other factors that fill up the company’s pocketbook.

Speaking of real food, I didn’t see any fresh healthy food. I seen some packaged “healthy” food at ridiculous prices at one vendor, but that was largely ignored by the crowd that was chasing “deals” and “freebies” by supplement manufacturers that have already “hooked” customers into believing their “promises”. Watching health and fitness professionals eat junk was heartbreaking enough, because it is far from the “healthy lifestyle” people come to us to consult them on, but what made it even worse was that people are so addicted to these processed sports supplements, the flavours, the “pre” workout, “post” workouts, take during workouts, before bed, with meals, its as if some marketing genius designed a pill or powder to be taken at precising targeted times of day to sell more products. Its not “as if”, it’s a reality. You see people waiting in fast food line ups all over the world, processed food is addicting, false hopes see, and the lines ups people waste time in instead of actually living a REAL healthy lifestyle is a dangerous obsession you never asked for, or seen coming, since it was health you were after, not an addiction to a “lifestyle” that is every bit as dangerous as any other “addiction”.

Do most of these health and fitness professionals eat healthy? NO! Coming to expos like this will open your eyes to a dark world where people lead two or more different lives, the “healthy” lifestyle to present and market themselves with, that’s the fake lifestyle your supposed to see and become attracted to. The other “lives” and lifestyle of health and fitness professionals is the addiction to processed foods, supplements, DRUGS, mental and stress issues they deal with chasing “perfection” by all means, even if it destroys them. You’re not supposed to see or hear about the bad stuff, that would show you that most of this “healthy lifestyle” was a LIE.

Be realistic about what your health and fitness goals. If someone is pushing you towards a path of food addiction and disorders, or an antisocial lifestyle where every thought, feeling, and behavior is centered and timed around food, exercise, and sleep without balance of work, family, friends, hobbies, interests that would be a more realist, balanced approach to a happier, joyful life, then you have what may be worse than a drug dealer. You will be on the road to misery at best, lifeless at worse.

I see people fall for this “healthy lifestyle “all the time. Solution to your health and fitness problems. People chasing goals of little or no relevance to the overall picture we call LIFE. No one cares who you “look” and “perform” if you don’t have a life filled with meaning and purpose. Working out and eating all day isn’t a “real” life! Hip replacement in your early 30” s because you wanted a 600 lbs squat wasn’t a great long-term goal.

Spending 12 weeks to get “in shape” followed by 12 weeks of food disordered eating where you eat sugar loaded processed food that can only be bad for you, ensures you wasted the first 12 weeks getting in shape, and now currently destroying all success with your addiction to health destroying choices, choices that should have never been on the table, because if they were , that’s not a “healthy lifestyle. This is all to common in our industry, and it’s happening so much that its “acceptable” and “expected”. In my practice, this NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!

Being realistic with your goals. Be mindful of what you are marketed and promised. Its not always what it seems, and this can lead to wasted time at best, and a long road of addiction and pain at worse. Its not hard to realize what is good or bad folks, its also not hard to realize that most people if had nothing to hide would share all their “secrets”. That’s usually not the case, because the secrets are a side you’re not supposed to know about.

If you require assistance setting up a real health and fitness lifestyle that is custom made for you, then send me an email. No two people are the same. Goals, needs, schedule, jobs, stress, are some of the always changing factors that will be deciding factor of lifestyle structure. Of course, everything in that
structure would be based on the best choices you can make at that time. This is what I help my clients with for over 2 decades, lifestyle choices that make you better, not worse, now, and forever, based on your life and how you want to live it, not how your “told” to live. You will have my expertise, guidance, and help every step of the way on the path to building a healthy lifestyle that “works” for you.

More on this unhealthy topic in the future because I would like to prevent people from stepping into a world of false promises, hopes, and dangerous addictions that will do nothing but ruin your happiness, joy, and life.

Do everything to make yourself better, nothing to make yourself worse.

Coach George Tsanis

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