Wake Up Excited to Be Your Best, Do Your Best, it’s a Blessing to Be Alive, SO LIVE #Life #Motivation #Bodybuilding

Wake Up Excited to Be Your Best, Do Your Best, it’s a Blessing to Be Alive, SO LIVE

Excitement is what keeps me going. Everything I do has a deep sense of excitement to it. If something doesn’t excite me, I won’t do it or go there. What makes me tick? Being alive, healthy, and passionate about so many meaningful hobbies, interests, and being blessed to rebuild my life where I created a lifestyle where I’m never far away from happiness, joy, and people I love.

My career and lifestyle keep me excited like the little child running to the playground. Playing freely, yet also growing older, wiser, better. The older and wiser part is what keeps me forever young.

I’m in no hurry anymore. I have freedom. I am free. Each breath and step are a part of my journey to a better Me. I see myself, and I’m at what I can undoubtedly say is my “BEST SELF”. Excitement lies ahead knowing the best is yet to come. Never satisfied because there is no end.

The journey is the fun part. The steps forward, step backwards, the big leaps ahead, and the nasty crashes back to the bottom. The struggle was real, because it had meaning and purpose behind it, and failure wasn’t an option, because that’s not the story I was going to accept.

Looking back, I have no regrets…Ok, Ok, I have many regrets, hard lessons, stupid mistakes…But once I awakened, realized what was important to me, I learned how to live. Once you learn how to live, you realize life is a journey, not a struggle.

Life is now, so go LIVE 😊

“Winners forget they’re in a race, they just love to run”

Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another. The next few months will be even more exciting, as I wash away more toxicity, people and things that I no longer need or want in my life. Take my mind and body to place more peaceful, as I focus more on everything I love. 2019 has been a difficult year. The devil has thrown all his might to stop me, frustrate me, hold me back. God protects me. With every negative obstacle this year, I still attained all my goals, personal and professional. When you have so much to be excited for, and with God by your side, nothing can stop you!!!!

With October fast approaching, and winter months ahead of us, focus on eliminating anything and everything that wastes your time, drains you, no longer serving you. When I sit down and consult with people on becoming their best, I find way too much in their life that’s keeps them at their worst!!!

I hope you find inspiration and motivation in this post to get started and keep going. Don’t let nothing stand in the way of your excitement. Eliminate all the toxicity in your life to put more energy into everything that excites you 😊 Be alive!!! Exciting times 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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