Bullying in the Gym – Discrimination, Harassment, and Abuse of Power in the Health and Fitness Centres #Bullying #Abuse #Discrimination


Bullying in the Gym – Discrimination, Harassment, and Abuse of Power in the Health and Fitness Centres

Any form of abuse is unacceptable is unacceptable. In this and upcoming videos I specifically talk about abuse such as bullying, discrimination, harassment, abuse of power at the University of Toronto’s Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport.

In summary:

– University Staff being aggressive and confrontational with Me (and others, but I will focus here on my behalf).

– Creating written report, files on members that will later serve as punishment when the correct time arises. In my case there was a file created on me by employees that didn’t like me, so when I complained about various issues, out came out the “created file” on me, and instead of having my abuse and harassment issues taking seriously, the University of Toronto suspends me until further investigation as per my files.

– Suspending member without reason. I had to wait almost a full month to receive the reason of my suspension and none of it I agreed with.

– I complained about employees stalking me the fitness centre.

– Employees making false accusations against me, and when people came forward to stick up for me, they to were threatened with being written up.

– Management that yells and has a threatening tone towards employees

– Management in-front of me reprimanding two employees for talking to me.

– Management staff at Goldring Centre never contacted me once about this shameful act of discrimination towards myself and abuse to employees. I have been begging the University of Toronto to look into the matter, and as of the production of the video I have not received any word from the University of Toronto as to what happened, a real formal apology, and a system in place where members and staff are protected and free of abuse on University of Toronto grounds.

– Written emails to various managerial staff, and many ignored, never acknowledging my harassment and discrimination concerns.

– Managers that I have emailed not only ignored my emails, but also ignored me when they came across me, simply acting like I don’t exist even when we cross paths quite frequently.

– Managers and coaching staff staring at me in a confrontational tone.

It is no secret who are the abusive, confrontational, and bully staff. No secret at all. In fact, I was warned about one particular employee before I became a member. With time, becoming closer to Goldring staff on all levels, I was well warned about who to “watch out for” and why. Was told by numerous employees, members, and former members that management at Goldring likes this abuse of power environment that one employee in particular creates, the “policeman”. After dealing with management I can see that all that was described to me a year ago is absolutely true. “Untouchable” if you complain about this person is what they told me. True this also!

I have done all I could to get the University of Toronto to deal with my issues. Their solution was to suspend me and ask me to “consider finding another fitness centre”. I suspect they were hoping I would just walk away from the trouble and toxic environment they created. I have never allowed anyone to violate my rights, to abuse me, accuse me of something I didn’t do, and I won’t start now. By allowing these abusers to get away with bullying staff and members, I am allowing they abuse to continue, and the “abuse” was happening before I got there, I was warned about it, and I went through it, and I’m doing my best to get someone’s attention at the University of Toronto to eliminate this bullying. So far I’m being ignored just as I always have been by management at Goldring Centre, hopefully with this video series I will bring awareness of bullying at the University of Toronto, and elsewhere where abuse is practiced, and maybe even tolerated, and we have to stick up for one another, protect and love each other, and make it known that abuse will not be accepted.

I have many friends at the University of Toronto Goldring Centre. From all levels of staff, Coaches, students, members, I got along great with everyone that wasn’t abusive, as this is my philosophy of life, I DON’T ACCEPT ABUSE. People would walk from one side of the gym to the other to say “HI George”, “Hi Coach”. I wonder if some of the abusive and staff were jealous when I would create an environment of happiness and joy within the fitness centre. People loved me at the Goldring Centre, and I will show you and prove it!

A strong motivation for me is that for all my young adult friends, who are well aware of this bullying situation. I would be a horrible role model and Coach is I just walked away, as the University of Toronto Goldring Centre management staff has asked me to do. By not being part of the solution, I am contributing to the problem. Today its me, tomorrow it will be you! This abuse at Goldring was happening well before I arrived, it is my hope that current and future members and staff won’t have to go through the harassment and discrimination I went through.

The University of Toronto has ignored my harassment and discrimination issues, showing me that they do not take harassment and discrimination abuse seriously. Hopefully they will get the message.

Stay tuned for more upcoming videos and updates.

Thank You

Coach George Tsanis

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