Digital Minimalism – Digital Devices, Social Media, and Apps Improving your Life, or Wasting it?

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Digital Minimalism – Digital Devices, Social Media, and Apps Improving your Life, or Wasting it?

Today I broke my phone. What a beautiful day! Feels amazing to not be “attached” to something that can notify me of a phone call, a text message, video call, email, and at same time nothing for me to “check” if I so choose to look for an update or just do so out of habit. Its not turning “off”, its not using an “app” to block another “apps” use (that sound crazy doesn’t it?), and its not digital “minimalism”, the phone is dead, gone, doesn’t work!!! Ahhhhh LIFE as I remember before the digital revolution took over and made our life “easier”. I much prefer when life was “harder”. Just felt more rewarding when I had to put more effort into something to get something out of it. The digital age had devalued most things in this world, including our life.

One of my goals with coaching people, or just quick sound advice when that’s all I can give, is to stay off social media, video games, and life a “real” life, not a digital life behind a screen. Considering the fact that the digital life is a major cause of distracting us from living our authentic life, our work, our relationships, and destroying our physical and mental health, suggesting to people to give up social media, digital apps, and revaluate their use for digital devices is probably the first step to a better, happier, healthier life.

My personal goal was to be phoneless by age 50, 4 years away. Currently I ONLY use my phone for business and learning. Under absolutely no circumstance do I use digital devices for socializing. Business and learning, things that make me better professionally and personally. My purchase of a phone and computer didn’t not come with an agreement that I had to waste my life on social media, watch news, watch advertisements, and watch others live when I should be focused on my own LIFE.

Revaluate your relationship with your phone, digital devices, social media, apps, and other inventions that were supposed to “enhance” our life. Judging by the way people are “living”, and with all the health issues that have arise since the advent of the digital world, it is a good idea to maybe delete these life wasters out of your life before wasting time behind a screen looking for the next best exercise or diet.

You will probably make the best progress, and “gains” in your life by starting right here, revaluating your use of digital devices and applications. This isn’t “life”. By people manipulating and addicting you to devices and social media sites, and profiles, they are knowing wasting your life.

Like, subscribe, share, put on your notifications. NO THANKS, I GOT A LIFE TO LIVE!!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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