Public Transportation Travel – Ruined my Favourite Shirt with Pen #Fashion #CityLife #Stress #Canada

Public Transportation Travel – Ruined my Favourite Shirt with Pen

Toronto Canada is a weird city, especially the people. Everyday you will have a weird encounter that is truly hard to ever forget. Train was empty, so I had two chairs, one to sit in, one to sit my heavy backpack on, and I began to do some written “work”. I repeat, train was empty, lots of empty seats on the train. As I was working, someone was standing over me, I looked at this he, she, they (It’s Toronto, never know 😉) and he, she, they signalled they want to sit beside me. Looking puzzled and confused, I gave this person a “are you F#CKING serious” look while glazing back and forth on the train, observing the empty seats. Ok, sure, sit beside me. I took my sweet ass time putting my books back, pens, zipping the zippers, etc etc, hoping this “weirdo” would reconsider his, her, their choice in seating, because the train had maybe 50 other available seats!!!!

I forgot to close my pen ☹, and as I was sitting, hugging my huge filled backpack close to me, the pen was leaking on one of my favourite shirts, this soft Lacoste that I wear when I want to be most comfortable. Thank God I keep spare clothes downtown 😉

But Bummer that I ruined one of my favourite shirts, and that people today seem to be centered on spite, bothering people, inconveniencing others, blaming, and accusing, instead of being loving, caring, thoughtful, and respectful. Recall I was working, reading and creating notes in my big workbook. I doubt very much if anyone seen me with a huge backpack, multiple sections opened, writing, reading, I doubt anyone would get the perception I was doing anything but “deep work”.
Maybe that bothers people, when they see you being productive, and doing something positive with your life, your time.

Oh, this he, she, they that just had to sit beside me instead of the other 50 seats…ya, he fell asleep beside me. Toronto, if you’ve never been here, consider yourself lucky.

Me? I work and play hard, so I will replace this Lacoste shirt this week
A few years ago, in the train, standing, I wore a blue Lacoste sleeveless shirt, super comfortable, looked great on me. This time the train was packed. A lady with nails that would be considered “claws” and deemed a “weapon” on the streets, kept digging her nasty claws into my beautiful shirt, which incidentally was the first time I was wearing it!!!! She (I think it was a “she”, could have been a “him”, or a “they”, Toronto, ya neva no 😉) ripped right through my shirt, instantly putting a hole in my brand-new Lacoste shirt. I had that shirt replaced asap!

May God forgive me, but some people I just can’t understand ☹

With Love, Coach Tsanis

Have a fun day 😊

Ohhh ya, almost forgot, DON’T BE THAT GUY !!!! (or he, she, they, ya neva no 😊 )

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