Fit or Fat – Body Transformation from Bulk to Lean Shredded – Guess my Weight Part 5 #Fatloss #Cardio #BodyTransformation

Fit or Fat – Body Transformation from Bulk to Lean Shredded – Guess my Weight Part 5
#Fatloss #Cardio #BodyTransformation

Fit or fat? Some people either don’t realize, or are denial, about their weight. Specifically, I’m talking about dead weight, fat, “weight” that should come off the body before serious health issues arise.

I am VERY selective of who I work with. The decision to screen my clients thoroughly and make sure we are on the same page stems from the fact that the gym and fitness centres are no strangers to many psychological issues related to body image and eating disorders. If a potential client is dangerously overweight, that’s my focus, health! Performance outcomes at the risk of health outcomes isn’t the game I play with peoples lives. Opposite to that, if I feel a client is dangerously underweight, or can enhance their quality of life by adding muscle, I put a strategy in place to make this happen. Clients don’t always need to “know”, my job as a Strength and Conditioning Coach is to make people BEST EVER, and I have never had any complaints when I make this their reality.

Getting back to dead weight, excess fat, people not realizing they are FAT! Now that its winter in North America, I’m seeing social media explode with advice on how to “bulk up”, “lean bulk”, encourage unhealthy eating practices, put on “muscle” with extra calories. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the oversized track pants and zipper hoodie tops to wear during the winter while you “bulk up”, because God forbid anyone see your fatty body that you are “creating”.

I’m going to dive into this topic deeply in the next weeks and months. Witness young kids, adults and misinformed older adults about false hopes and promises, specifically in relation to eating, and what I see as eating disorders, people thinking that all that junk food, excessive at that, will turn into muscle, not realizing that they are actually inhibiting future gains in muscle growth via enhanced pro-oxidation, insulin resistance, and an inflammatory body which has building muscle and burning off fat as the last thing on its priority list.

People, please, I beg you, don’t be so naïve. Bad unhealthy food is BAD UNHEALTHY “food” all the time, not acceptable during “bulk ups” and eliminated during “cut ups”. Stupid concept that doesn’t work, and in my almost 3 decades of Coaching, especially in sports with weight classes and people gain and lose weight according to seasons and competitions, this is really an unhealthy lifestyle practice.

I am grateful that as a young teenager, observing and working with more knowledgeable and experienced coaches, this is one of the first lessons I learned; don’t mess up people’s metabolism. From here, decades ago, and thousands of studies and hundreds on clients, enhancing metabolism to optimize body composition and performance without negative consequences has always been my goal, and proud that I always achieved this. As I worked with people that depended on their lean bodies to earn a living not just now, but in the future, it made my job both challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

Me, in this video from 2017-09-09 21.37.20, fit or fat? Guess my weight in this video. I will be posting a few videos later this week from August 2017, more than 2 years ago. Compare me of the videos not just recently, but also from January 2019. Can you observe how much different I weigh now? Just like when I introduce someone to my clients, especially my top shape female clients, no one can guess their weights. I spend my day in the gym, and I know lots of people that drastically outweigh me, but they don’t look “bigger than me, and certainly don’t perform like me.
Guess my weight in this video, and my latest videos 😊

Excess fat is excess fat, take it off.
Unhealthy food is unhealthy food, eliminate it from your life.

Stay tuned, more to come 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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