Losing 40 Pounds, Healthier, Stronger, Leaner, Happier Than Ever – Become Your Best Ever Part 1 #Motivation #fatloss #Bodytransformation

Losing 40 Pounds, Healthier, Stronger, Leaner, Happier Than Ever – Change Your Life Become Your Best Ever

This is me, Coach George Tsanis. These pictures and videos were taking this morning. I don’t change much, unless its changing for the better. For this reason, I am very proud of myself. Only one way; better, happier, healthier, joy, passion, love. The best ever me, because I love myself.

I don’t make excuses about how hard my life is, how my bad luck I have, negative situations, food, lighting, work, schedules, etc etc. I embrace all these so called “negatives”, hardships, I love the challenge of when something stands in my way to what I must do, must have, want, need, I work hard, and harder, I don’t make “excuses”, I make the best of what I got and I do my best to achieve my goals.

Losing 40 pounds was probably the easiest thing I did. Helping people lose fat and gain muscle for over 2 decades, I can tell you the feeling of changing lives is absolutely PRICELESS. It’s about positive, meaningful, and deliberate lifestyle choices that comes easy once you know your choices. Its not difficult to decide between “good” and “bad”.

I pride myself on teaching and making absolute sure my clients don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to regressing, especially in regard to gaining unhealthy weight back. This has been my personal goal with each client I have ever helped lose fat. PERMANENT fat loss. PERMANENT lifestyle changes that PERMANENTLY transform you into better and best ever.

It’s a powerful feeling to be in control of your life. Once you achieve this knowledge, this power, there is no going back. It saddens me to see so many people failing at changing their life, when my 2+ decades of experience proves anyone that wants to be their best will go in that direction, once they know their choices, and you got many choices.

This past week I showed workout videos from August 2017. At this stage I was almost completely healed of many of my health issues that almost destroyed me years earlier. This was my “rebuilding” phase. Knowing where I’m heading in terms of my life, performance, and body composition. Doing everything the right way, not “forcing” or fighting my body now or in the future. Know what to do and when to do it. Patience is your friend on the road to a healthier lifestyle, leaner and stronger body. From 250 lbs down to 203 pounds, healthier and stronger than ever.

12 weeks to fat loss programs, and these “before” and “after” pictures coaches post on social media, have no lasting affect, other than negative affects. People, and “coaches”, shifting from program to program, diet to diet, phase to phase have no real PLAN!!!!! Chasing goals you cant keep, all while destroying your body, then they want to fix their “metabolism”. You can’t make this stuff up, its unfortunately true

Here I am, one year basically stabilized body weight, stronger and healthier than ever as a result of my whole lifestyle, not an exercise “program”, not a specific diet, or secret exercises, it’s a lifestyle I created for myself, and what I do for my clients, lifestyles that “WORK” to create the BEST YOU!!!
Simple? Unbelievably simple, and fun, rewarding, and enjoying the journey with each breath, even when setbacks occur, you dig deeper to succeed because the mission of best ever has a deep meaning and value to you.

If your goals aren’t deep-rooted, you may not just waste time because you could have chased something else with meaning and purpose, but at worse you can also damage your health. Take a look on YouTube and see how many females are now complaining about the negative effects of “fitness”. There are NO negative effects of health and fitness unless whatever you were doing was damaging in the first place, for example, low calorie diets, excessive exercise, and drugs are sure factors that can destroy your “gains” and your health eventually.

I take pride in achieving BEST EVER status not just in myself, but helping others do the same the last 2 decades. There were never ever excuses, only the right path forward once you know your options. “Good” and “bad”, where are you? Go towards BEST EVER.

Again, from 250 pounds to 203 pounds, and all muscle and fat loss maintained, PERMANENT, no yo yo dieting, no bulking and cutting phases, this is me, Coach George Tsanis, I don’t change much unless it’s a change for the BEST EVER ME!!!

You have the power to do the same !!!!!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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