Thanksgiving Weekend Post-Workout Breakfast Real Food #Thanksgiving #food #Goals

Thanksgiving Weekend Post-Workout Breakfast Real Food
#Thanksgiving #food #Goals

Lets be honest, most people that world an experience a morning like mine today, chaotic, on and off buses, delays, crowds, lines, I reckon a greater percentage would still make it to the gym for their planned workout, BUT, I reckon a greater proportion of people would have modified their diet, and in a bad way, to “make up” for the tighter schedule due to Toronto Canada having a horrible public transportation system, or as I commonly hear , “I deserve it”, meaning because they went through so much trouble to get to the gym, they can now “treat” themselves to fast food, junk foods, or simply and honestly put, foods that don’t build muscles, and certainly don’t help lose fat!

At Workout Solutions we don’t have “rewards”, and “treats” in our diet or lifestyle, we have what we “deserve”, and that is simply ONLY THE BEST!!!!

Yes after my workout I was starving, depleted, and needed food ASAP, but this is Toronto, and good food isn’t easy, or cheap to come by. The 15-30 minutes you waste on your way to a food establishment, wait to be served, pay $, trust me you would be better off going home, chopping some vegetables, cracking some eggs, and enjoying a fast nutritious, value priced meal.

You don’t save time eating foods that make you worse.

have a beautiful day

Coach George Tsanis

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