Lower Body Strength and Conditioning Workout Cardio Motivation Part 1 #Cardio #Fitness

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Lower Body Strength and Conditioning Workout Cardio Motivation Part 1

This video is the beginning of many from a recent workout where things didn’t go as planned. Aches, pains, stress, and mood were all fighting me, and that’s not a sign to fight back, that’s a signal to “listen” to your mind and body and make the necessary changes. As any experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach will tell you and teach, “programs” and “plans” are usually not worth the paper its written on, so Coaches have back up plans.

My warm-up didn’t go well, but I really needed to get some heavy weights in on both Squats and Deadlifts to combat detraining as I haven’t been able to push so hard this year. Great heavy workouts are far are not as common as they used to be. It is what it is, you don’t chase what you can’t have, or what may hurt you. Destroying yourself is self destruction, not “bodybuilding”.
I will take you through most of the sets of this workout. I had no idea what to expect, I always expect the best, and the best is what I get, I just don’t always have total control of how I will achieve the best workout until the workout begins and progresses.

Observe how the workout shifts from squats and deadlifts to more bodyweight calisthenics exercises done in a cardio conditioning fashion.

This is what I teach my clients. Not “programs’, “workouts” and “phases”, but being able to listen and feel the body and know what “options” to take if any positive or negative circumstances should arise before or during the workout.

Instead of watching people on social media, most of what isn’t “useful” to the average real person I deal with, focus on learning the fundamentals, learning how things “feel” to your body, and “knowing” when to change, and you can only do this by learning to be mindful of inner self. Unfortunately watching endless exercise videos on social media, and copying generic programs makes you less mindful, and more detached from your mind and body, and from here, my observation as an experienced coach is where exercise becomes more of a stressful “fight” as opposed to an enjoyable journey. Fights tear and break you down, which is commonly what you see on social media from inexperienced “coaches”, and enjoyable journeys build you up, not only in the gym, but in every area of your life.

Are you building yourself “up”, or “down”?

Does your coach allow for modifications in your program and workout, or no, follow the written plan even though your mind and body is telling you otherwise? (Get rid of this “coach”)

More on this in the future

Have a fun day

Coach George Tsanis

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