Who is Working Out This Beautiful Morning – Exercise Best Way to Start the Day Motivation #Workout #Motivation #Exercise

Who is Working Out This Beautiful Morning – Exercise Best Way to Start the Day Motivation

Ever since I was a little boy, I loved waking up and doing something physical. I recall waking up early Saturday and Sunday morning, 6-7 am, and practicing my punches and kicks, body weight exercises like push-ups, going up and down the stairs. As a teenager, 11, 12, thirteen years old, when I was old enough to go to school yard and sprint without my parents worrying someone was stupid enough to attempt to kidnap me, I would sprint hard on the school track behind my home.
All my life I wake up, and my body naturally takes me where it wants to be, in the gym, making myself better, helping others, all of us having a fun, safe, and productive workout, and leaving the gym refreshed ready to take on the day. As a Coach the Gymnasium has become my lifelong playground, where I can play, experiment, and create. That’s the lifestyle I created for myself, I play all day.

Creating better lifestyles and bodies is one thing, creating the perfect day is another.

Let fitness and movement take everything in your life to a higher level. Whether you are a salesperson, photographer, lawyer, artist, Doctor, or whatever, you will find something in the gym, some form of exercise activity that will increase the quality of your life. Find it 😊

Have a perfect day

Coach George Tsanis

• Stay tuned for more videos from this lower body strength and conditioning workout

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