City Life – Waiting for Something to Happen Versus Making Things happen – Keep Moving #City #Walking #Fitness

City Life – Waiting for Something to Happen Versus Making Things happen – Keep Moving
#City #Walking #Fitness

The modern world is full of distractions. Waiting and line ups are common for all service industry’s. 15 + years ago this was “unacceptable”, now its the norm.

City life is much more enjoyable if you can master the art of getting the most out of your time, and to do this you must protect your time. Most people have giving up not only their “time, but their life, think social media use to understand what I am.

Delays happen, and are to be expected, but what is your “plan” for being busy when taken public transportation? What is your plan when delays, both expected and unexpected happen? I will discuss these in future.

Today, huge delays on public transit, waited 4-5 minutes for the train, and when it came many people, including myself couldn’t get on-board because was filled to capacity.

Wait, or walk? Wait another 5 minutes for next train? Or get out and get some morning fresh air and take a beautiful 12-15 minute walk to my destination?

I did, and usually do take the walk, and you should too. Will be a breath of fresh air connecting with your city, your neighbors, and get some good exercise, and clear your mind of the distractions, stress, and chaos of the modern world. Go for a walk, and be mindful of your time, city, and health.

As a side note, observe all the processed junk food you are exposed to when you are not in control of your time, life, and mindful of the bigger picture, your health and goals. The modern world wants us to be so busy with “nothing, wait, fidget, watch all those delicious ads on social media, steal our time, and bombard us with junk we don’t need, and toxic to our mental and physical health. Move away from all the toxicity and move towards REAL LIFE 🙂


More on this in the future

have a fun day

Coach George Tsanis

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