Can You See Your Abs? Pre-Workout Post Long Weekend Body Fat Part 1 #Abs #Abdominal #fatloss

Can You See Your Abs? Pre-Workout Post Long Weekend Body Fat Part 1
#Abs #Abdominal #fatloss

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, beautiful time of year to spend with family and friends, celebrate the harvest and our blessings. Its been an amazing last few weeks tending to our home garden, which produced a great amount of delicious and health vegetables. Trips to the farm, helping family, friends, clients, neighbours with attaining some fresh produce to prepare and store for the winter season. Walking down the street and saying hello to my long-time neighbors and exchanging food tips, and enjoying the aroma of the vegetables being roasted, pickled, packed. Traditions never die. Its amazing, especially notice this with people that grew up on farms, as many in my life did, they just “know’ what time it is without needing a calendar, knowing when harvest time is ready, knowing when to take a trip to the farm, the market, and prepare rich, flavorful food that gives life. Its also why I love October so much, observing this tradition fascinates me.

This is me, Tuesday October 15, 2019, the day after long-weekend, lots of food, and weekend filled with traditions that are true to who I am, and where I come from. The tradition of taking care of yourself, and each other, growing good food to eat and share. Again, because so many of my family, friends, clients, neighbors have been raised on farms, it amazes me how tradition is so far engraved into them that nothing can change them. They just “know” how to live, and live well 😊

There is never an “acceptable” time to “cheat” on your diet. Doing so is self abuse that can not only end up wasting so much time and effort you put into your health and fitness program, but can set you up for a long cycle of irrational behavior such as “cheating” on junk foods, alcohol whenever you so choose, all because simply you “allow” it. Why would anyone “allow” anything harmful in their life is a question only the person harming themselves can answer. Going back to the many people I personally know that grew up on farms, they “know” the difference between “good” and “bad” and also when to STOP!!!!

Addiction and mental health are rampant in today’s “modern world”. One addiction I see every week is on Monday morning, or on long-weekends Tuesday mornings, and that is called WEEKEND GUILT! Destroying yourself with junk foods, alcohol, drugs, all with the disguise that your living a “healthy lifestyle” because you exercise and maybe eat “good” on weekdays, or as I often hear, “most of the time”. Most of the time is not a “healthy” lifestyle, itself abuse, and with that harm is all negative consequences just waiting to arise.

The first step to solving a problem is knowing what the cause is. Eating donuts while you are 80 pounds overweight is putting gasoline on the fire. Eating less and calorie counting is another route to failure and more self future harm. You don’t cut down on “bad things, you ELIMINATE THEM!!!!!!

Seen so much bad this weekend from people I love, know, and just strangers on the streets. Watching people destroy themselves is heartbreaking for me, especially when I have been giving advice, professional and free, and some just won’t take it and realize that their addictions are ruining their quality of life and may end their life sooner than expected.

Its also why my family and I have made it 100% clear that no junk food is to be brought to our home. Its not “tradition”. We didn’t use vegetable oils, preservatives, and chemicals that only scientists can pronounce and explain in our foods and environments back in the farm days. If we don’t know what’s in it, we don’t eat it, therefore don’t bring it!!!! REAL FOOD OR NO FOOD!

Can you see your abs? If not, your body is telling you all you need to know. Go back to a traditional life of fresh wholesome foods, packed with nutrition that builds and energizes us, traditions of being active all day, moving with purpose, traditions of being social, face to face interactions, talking, laughing, caring, helping.
Can you see your abs? If not, maybe you don’t see the “real” you, because what you see is the toxic aftereffects of your dangerous lifestyle choices.

Can you see your abs? Good, now share your journey of health deep life with others to help people that need us to make this world a more happy, joyful, healthier place for all. Show them in real life, face to face, each day, better and better, happier and happier.
Do Everything to Make Yourself Better, NOTHING to Make Yourself Worse

Wrote this back in June 2019, enjoy 😊

Some people have a tradition of doing as much as possible to destroy their health and goals on the weekend. From excessive alcohol and other drugs, horrible food choices, lack of exercise, lack of activity, and many other bad habits and lifestyle choices that do nothing to make yourself better, but actually make yourself worse.

End the weekend better than how you started. Do everything to make yourself better, and nothing to make yourself worse! Live a real, not a part time, healthy lifestyle, one filled with true and deep happiness, joy, satisfaction, love, and growth. Make yourself better each day. A healthy lifestyle has no days off, no rest, this includes the weekend, where traditionally many of us have been taught to abuse our body’s in the name of “good times”, “party”, and “having fun”.

Begin by eliminate all bad habits, toxic people and things, anything that no longer positively serves you, anything that is counter to your health, fitness, life goals. Once these negatives no longer exist in your life, you can stop the cycle of 3 steps forward, and 2 steps back, or even worse, no steps forward! Instead, you make each day a powerful experience, filled with everything meaning, purpose, joy. Do everything to make yourself better and best, NOTHING to make yourself worse!

Coach George Tsanis

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