Caught on Camera Junk Food Addicted Children ask Stranger for Money #Junkfood #kids #Poverty #Canada

Caught on Camera Junk Food Addicted Children ask Stranger for Money
#Junkfood #kids #Poverty

Toronto, Canada, its impossible not to notice the poverty hitting more and more people not just from month to month, but daily, people of all ages suffering for lack of money for shelter, clothing, and food amongst “essential” needs and products.

If you walk around Toronto, Canada, and North America, you will undoubtedly notice access to good healthy food while walking around the city is extremely hard to find, and if you do find healthy foods, you can expect to pay a large amount for even a small serving that would do little to curb your appetite, give you enough calories and nutritional value, and little value for your hard earned money.

Junk food rules. That’s all most people in Canada can afford, and they are not well versed in what is “healthy”, not healthy, and what is “dangerous” to health. Most don’t know what they should know, that they are destroying themselves with “cheap” processed food ingredients, that is anything but “cheap”: to the consumer, barely “affordable’, and I suspect this is more by design than by accident.

It troubles me when I see people not eating good nutritious foods. Even worse is when people don’t even have time to enjoy their food. Instead of eating with family and friends at a table enjoying our loving company and healthy food, north Americans now choose or forced to eat on “the go”, walking while eating with food, eating on trains and buses creating food mess on seats for others, or hiding out of site so they can focus more on social media posts than eating a well deserved meal.

Does that sound like addiction? Junk food addiction has taken over Toronto, Canada, North America. Along with social media addiction, we are not “living” as humans were intended to. We are now told how to think, feel, and behave, and anything else makes you a “rebel”, or politically incorrect, not “modern” and “accepting” enough.

Originally, when I seen so many children, and then attention quickly turned to all the junk food at the café, cant miss it, again, not by mistake, by design, I wanted to showcase this on video as I see kids, who maybe are to young to know better, having ONLY junk food presented to them as food options. Did you see any “healthy” food at the café? Me neither, and not surprised. Watching children eat donuts, freezies, ice cream, beef patties, pastries, “fruit” juices, and any other “food” that is anything but JUNK, is saddening, but dangerous!

Truly can’t understand how it came to this, where people of all ages, parents, kids, teachers, media, everything, is advertising junk food to us, making it so available, while making healthy food hard, and sometimes impossible to find. Its shameful that kids are not taught what a good healthy food is, and what is dangerous to health in terms of disease prevention. Getting back to the poverty line, even if most “know” what is “bad”, may Canadians and North Americans would have an option of what they can buy anyways, only what they can “afford”. Again, make junk food available, and easy to find, and affordable, while healthy food hard to find, and unaffordable. Great business model for corporations that sell us food and medicine. Making us sick.

While recording, children were staring at the pop machine, fantasizing about all the sugar junk. A child asks me to buy a pop for her. Was I surprised? NOT AT ALL!!!!!! Happens very frequently, kids, adults, people of all ages, asking for what they can’t afford, for what they are addicted to, sugar products, tobacco, alcohol top the list. Sugar is the new alcohol and tobacco.

When we were kids, we had our parents pack a nice nutritious lunch, or we came home to eat for lunch. Dinner was eaten with family, we knew what time to be home, and there was zero in our lifestyle that would stop my family, and most families I grew up with from having dinner together. If we ate out in the neighborhood, we knew the owners of the restaurants, and families trusted these local restaurants, cafes, and stores in our community. Never ever did my parents let me crave something I shouldn’t have, something I CAN’T have. My parents, just like most parents of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s was actually “parenting”, not letting digital devices “watch”, “babysit”, and “teach” their kids. I was raised by not only my parents, but family, family friends, and neighbors that loved me and watched out for me. To ask strangers to buy me something would be the ultimate insult for my parents, and most parents of that era. We had RESPECT, because we were taught RESPECT.

Children asking strangers for money for sugar junk foods tell us we need to change things before they get so bad that we as a society will have a heavy price to pay. Addiction will lead to people doing anything for money, mostly illegal, violent, and then we have the health issues that society will have to pay $ for.

Humans need to get back to being humans instead of being shaped, and molded into how to think, feel, behave. When something is wrong, its just that, WRONG. Any habit that is dangerous is not to be promoted, and junk food consumption is dangerous. You cannot hide from junk food, its right in front of us at every turn, and just to be reminded we have advertisements all over the walls, floors, almost every inch of the city is painted in adverting for unhealthy junk food, and social media the same, junk food is the new addiction, and it begins at home to stop it, and preferably never allow it to happen.

You should have seen the face of these kids when I told them that “even if I was your mommy, I wouldn’t buy it for you”. They gave me a puzzled, almost evil look, as If I was a “weirdo” hippie that didn’t belong on planet earth. Its what they know, because they were raised wrong, and our society, and schools are filled with junk food, and therefore, that’s all they know, junk food, being lazy, and asking for hand outs. Whereas in my day we didn’t know junk food, pastries were baked at home, and when we wanted something our parents gave us all we needed, not wanted, and if we wanted “more, we got jobs to work for extra spending money. That’s another way to respect your time, money, health, working for it. $4 for a small pizza slice???? Those that follow my food blog and vlog know how much value I get when I prepare my meals.

Being addicted to substances that make me weak, stupid, lazy, poor, and with every bite bringing me closer to closer to a disease and death isn’t how I was raised, isn’t how I live, and most real parents I know are actually “parenting” and making sure this created addiction of the modern world doesn’t enter their families lives.

Real parenting? Real food? Buying only what you need? Loving yourself and each other? Living a real life doing meaningful, valuable, and things with purpose as opposed to wasting life watching people and advertisements on a screen? Teaching kids to respect themselves, and their families, and not beg strangers on the streets?

Life is so beautiful, fun, enjoyable, meaningful once you know what matters. Help those that have forgotten, or never knew how to “live”, and what “life” was about. Show them 😊

Be so good they can’t ignore you

Be the role model they will never forget, because you made them “better”, not “worse”

Coach George Tsanis

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